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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
July 24, 2016

Canadian Excellence

S.I. Sessions

Engage - Learn - Prepare

Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) is an academic enhancement program that integrates academic skills instruction and application into course content and assignments through peer-led collaborative sessions that help students navigate challenging course requirements. These sessions give students the opportunity to meet students from their classes in small groups; engage with course concepts to gain an in-depth understanding of course material; learn new strategies to approach difficult course concepts and assignments; and, prepare for tests, exams, and assignments through regular review and practise. Note: This service is not a replacement for lectures, tutorials/labs, readings, or studying.

Note: S.I. sessions returnFall 2016.

S.I. Schedule

  • Biology 110
  • Business 111
  • Chemistry 110/120
  • Chemistry 202/204
  • Economics 285
  • Music 161
  • Music 270

>> Review your S.I. attendance / participation through the Student Success Portal

* Note: Please allow at least three business days for S.I. attendance to be recorded. *

Accessibility: The Centre for Student Success is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all students, including students with disabilities. If you have an accommodation request for any of our services, please contact Michael Lisetto-Smith at 519.884.0710 x3640.