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June 24, 2016

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Aboriginal & Indigenous Social Work Resources

Laurier's Aboriginal Student Support Services. Programs and servicesdesigned to support academic success and engage cultural connections.

Office of Aboriginal Initiatives. A portal which provides an overview of Aboriginal Initiatives atWilfrid Laurier University and its campuses.

WLU Learning Services, Writing Centre The goal of the writing centre program is to offer individual and in-class writing support for all students and faculty at Laurier. We work with all students, undergraduate and graduate, to help them enhance their academic writing. The key principle of the program is to support the writing that goes on in the classroom in a way that helps students and faculty achieve their academic goals.

Graduate Student Writing Support - MSW-Aboriginal Field of Study Program A series of afternoon workshops offeredin conjunction with the Indigenous Research Methodologies course.

First Nation Technical Institute (FNTI) is one of our part-time program partners located in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. FNTI provides academic and personal support to all students, to help ensure success. Most programs have counsellors and tutor-mentors in place to help students on their learning journey. In many cases, an Elder is associated with the program and is often on-site during the entire course.

Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute (KTEI) is one of our part-time program partners located in M'Chigeeng, on Manitoulin Island, ON. Kenjgewin Teg provides direct educationalservices through the delivery of college and university accredited programs,pre-employment training programs, school support services, organizationaldevelopment, employee training, professional development workshops, smallbusiness learning, and general interest learning.