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June 27, 2016

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Logistics Planning

Steps to Planning an Event


  • If you are restricted by the date and your desired spaces is not available on campus, try researching off campus venues that are close in proximity. You can include a map to the venue with the invitation as well as parking information. To ensure that the University branding is present at your off campus event, contact CPAM for branding banners/materials.
  • Contact Kelly Ough, or ext. 2070 in catering to design event specific menus or visit the Classic Fare Catering website to draft your own menu.
  • Submit your online menu request through this website and you can make note of linens and skirting requirements for tables when ordering.
  • If you plan to have alcohol served at your event, a Bar Service Application form must be submitted to Food Services 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • For room set-up needs submit an online request through the Physical Resources iService Desk. Be very specific with the set-up requirements and do not forget to enter the date of the event, location, and set-up time. You can also email room diagrams with specific requirements to supplement your online request to Frances Heller,
  • If you require audio visual or microphone set-up, submit an email request through ITS help desk,
  • If needed, ensure that accessibility requirements are met (e.g. access to elevator and parking).
  • Determine if rental items are needed (e.g. bar tables, drapery, etc).
  • Determine if entertainment is needed. Contact Dan Lichti,, in the Faculty of Music to inquire about potential student groups. Otherwise, research external options.
  • If necessary, contact special Constable Services to be aware of your event if dignitaries are participating or if the speaker could have a positive/negative effect on the campus (e.g. protesters, large audience).
  • Contact Parking Services to inform them of your event if you expect a large audience.
  • Determine your staffing needs for the event. Options may include recruiting staff/ faculty volunteers or hiring student Ambassadors through Recruitment and Admissions office. Provide an event overview and training for volunteers and/or hired event staff.
  • Prepare and event agenda with speaking notes if necessary.
  • Prepare directional/welcome signage, nametags, decor items, etc. It's also helpful to prepare an "event toolbox" with items such as pens, tapes, scissors, blank nametags, extra copies of the agenda and guest list, etc.