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June 25, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Critical Path & Budget

Steps to Planning an Event

Develop a Critical Path and Budget

  • Prepare a list of all event logistics with deadlines to complete each task.
  • Assign team/committee members to individual tasks.
  • Determine a timeline for regular communication meetings with everyone involved in planning.
  • Draft an estimated budget and determine the source of funds. If a product or service is going to exceed $5000 contact Tracey Ens,, in Procurements Services for guidelines. If you have questions about a contract you are asked to sign from an external vendor, contact Shereen Rowe,, in the University Secretariat for advice.
  • Develop a communication strategy. Ongoing communication with the event host, keynote speakers, donors, members of the Board of Governors, politicians, etc., who are participating in the event, is important.