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July 26, 2016

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Course Tracks

The Department of History has identified four main "tracks" for our courses. These are broad themes that traverse time and place.
This is not only a way to identify your interests, but might also give you some ideas of what your education might mean in terms of a future career. History provides you with a broad background that easily transfers to a number of professions, and in many ways the suggestions below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Social Issues and Globalization

  • HI 246 Canadian External Relations
  • HI 317 Golden Age Spain
  • HI 325 Imperialism, Race, and the Post-Colonial Legacy
  • HI 328 Canada in the World: From Laurier to the 21st Century
  • HI 357 The Middle East and the Cold War

If you find yourself drawn towards these subjects of global exchange, connections, and interactions, a history degree could lead you to any of the following careers:

NGO Work Politician/Campaign Manager Public Policy Analyst
International Development International Relations Tourism Consultant
Foreign Correspondent Resettlement Worker Immigration Consultant

Peace and War

  • HI 232 A History of Sea Power to 1914
  • HI 292 Canada to Confederation
  • HI 306 War and Society in Africa
  • HI 353 The French Revolution and Napoleon
  • HI 360 The Great War and its Aftermath

If stories of conflict and resolution resonate with you, you might find history leads you to a job in one of the following fields.

Public Policy Analyst International Relations Documentary Producer
Historical Interpreter Paralegal TV/Film Producer
Consultant Intelligence Officer

Forensic Analyst

Politics, Power, and Law

  • HI 103 Comparative Revolutions and the Modern World
  • HI 224 History of Ancient Greece
  • HI 330 Slavery and Emancipation in the United States
  • HI 350 Revolutionary Ideas in Russian History
  • HI 379 The Third World since 1945

If the study of governments, power, and struggles for representation appeal, history can lead you to a career in one of these areas:

Lawyer Community Developer Corporate Communications
Consumer Advocate Public Administration Human Resources
Public Relations Resettlement Worker University Admissions Officer

Culture, the Arts, and Society

  • HI 260 History on Film
  • HI 310 The Italian Renaissance
  • HI 313 Crowds in Pre-Modern Europe
  • HI 359 Paris: History of a Capital City
  • HI 479 Home and School: Family and Education in 20th C Canada and the US

If the study of social and cultural trends are what captivate you in history, this might mean you are well suited to the following careers:

Community Affairs Specialist Arts Administrator Heritage Co-ordinator
Conservator Biographer Exhibit Designer
Acquisitions Editor Appraiser Technical Writer