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July 31, 2015

Canadian Excellence

History Scholarships and Awards

The Sara Dunkley Award
Awarded to the best undergraduate student assignment (research essay or creative work) in the field of art history/visual culture submitted in the Department of History. Students are to be nominated for the prize by the course instructor, with the winner determined by the History Department Awards Committee. The prize-winner will be announced in April. The prize was established by the Department of History and named in honor of Ontario artist and humanitarian, Sara Dunkley. Value $300.00

George G. Blackburn Award
Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate student who has completed the third year of the Honours History program with a concentration of study in Canadian History and has registered in fourth year of same program. Deadline for application is1st ofJuly. Applications for this award are available as pdf forms (click here) and should be sent to the Department of History upon completion.

The H.W. Edward and Hazel M. Cleghorn Canadian History Scholarship

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate student in third year who has completed a second year of an Honours History program with the highest combined average in HI 292 (History of Canada to Confederation) and HI 293 (History of Canada since Confederation). In the event that there is more than one candidate with the highest average in these two courses, the scholarship will be granted to the candidate with the higher overall cumulative GPA. No application required

Dwinnell-Steffler Scholarship
Eligibility: Full-time Undergraduate students entering the fourth year of the Honours History program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 9.00 (B+) at end of third year. Deadline for application is normally the 30th ofJune. Applications for this scholarship are available as pdf forms (click here) and should be sent to the Department of History upon completion. Deadline for application is September 1.

Department of History Book Prizes
Eligibility: Must have completed one full credit of History at the 100 level. A book prize will be awarded to students with the highest marks in first year courses. No application is required. The Department of History adjudicates this award annually.

Daniel G. Watts Prize for Second Year Honours History
Eligibility: A student must have completed the second year of the single or combined honours program, and intend to continue in the third year of the honours history program. The prize will be awarded on the basis of the students' cumulative GPA in history and must include History 201 and 202. Please inquire in the Department of History for further information.

Waterloo Historical Society Local History Award

The Waterloo Historical Society offers an annual award of $500 for an outstanding research paper relating to the history of Waterloo region. The Waterloo Historical Society was established in 1912 to record the history of Waterloo County, and since 1973, the Region of Waterloo. Recipients of this award must be enrolled in the third or fourth year of an undergraduate program in History at the University of Waterloo or its Affiliates. The research paper should be suitable for publication in the Annual Volume of the Society, although neither submission nor acceptance for publication are conditions of the award. The selection is made by the Department of History. No application is necessary, and the Award need not be given every year.

Awards Administered through the Awards office for History Majors

J.C. Herbert Award in History
Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate students entering third or fourth years fo the Honours History program; high level of academic performance, contribution to the university community. Forms for the J.C. Hebert Award in History are available on the Student Awards webpages, and completed applications should be sent directly to the Student Awards webpage

Doug & Joyce Lorimer Award

Eligibility:Applicants must demonstrate financial need, be registered and in good standing as a third year Laurier Honours History major, and be a long term resident of Ontario. The successful applicant will be chosen by the Student Awards Office and preference will be given to the student with the greatest financial need. This award is renewable in fourth year if the incumbent is registered and is in good standing within a full time Honours History program (Year 4), adequately demonstrates financial need and continues to reside in the province of Ontario. The award is administered through the student awards office. For more informationclick here.

Lewis and Catherine Stephen Award in History

Awarded annually to a full time undergraduate student in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of the Honours History program who has a minimum GPA of 9.0 (B+). Applicants must demonstrate financial need, be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident (landed immigrant) or Protected Person, and be a long term resident of Ontario. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate excellent academic achievement in combination with active participation in intramural or community sports. For more information click here.

Vasha Award

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate students entering Year 3 of the Honours History program; minimum cumulative GPA of 9.0 (B+) in all history courses; active contribution to the history program; demonstrated community involvement; Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident (landed immigrant) or Protected Person; long-term resident of Ontario; proven financial need; applicants with a minimum cumulative GPA of 8.0 (B) in all history courses will be considered if no eligible applicants with a minimum cumulative GPA of 9.0 are identified. Selection will be based on academic achievement in history courses, contribution to the history program and a required statement of the applicant's academic and professional goals on the completion of the Honours History program (this statement must be submitted with the application form but distinct from it); renewable in Year 4 if the incumbent achieves a minimum cumulative GPA of 9.0 (B+) in third year history courses and continues to demonstrate financial need and Ontario residency. The award is administered through the student awards office. For more informationclick here.

Awards for Graduate Students

Lewis and Arthur Stephen Award in Military History

Eligible applicants will be entering the full time Master of Arts in History program. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, be Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents (landed immigrants) or Protected Persons, and be long term residents of Ontario. The intention of this award is to recognize an applicant who can demonstrate a keen interest in military history and who seeks to pursue that interest in the masters program by intending to complete a thesis or major research paper in the area of military history. Applicants will be assessed based on the breadth of their past studies in the area, their academic record, and their stated goals in the masters program, as outlined in their application for admission.For application please click here.

Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation Heritage Research Award (Graduate Students)

The Waterloo Regional Award for Heritage Research is available on an annual basis. A research grant of $2,500.00 may be made at the beginning of the academic year to graduate students enrolled full-time at the masters or doctoral level in the fields of archaeology, architecture, fine arts, history, natural heritage, political science or any other discipline deemed to be relevant to heritage matters. The aim of the award is to encourage research at an advanced level into one or more aspects of the heritage of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Click here for more information and see complete details at the WRHF's website here.

For further information, please contact the History Department.

For information on other awards, scholarships, and bursaries available to undergraduate and graduate students at Laurier please consult the Student Awards database.