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February 10, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Arts


The Faculty of Arts is the largest faculty at Laurier. It encompasses 19 departments and programs in the humanities and social sciences. We offer traditional liberal arts programs English, History, Geography, Languages and Literatures, Religion and Culture and Philosophy and social science programs in Anthropology, Political Science and Sociology. We also offer specialized programs in Archaeology, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Global Studies, Medieval Studies, North American Studies and Women and Gender Studies. We also offer graduate-level degrees in 12 disciplines.

The Faculty of Arts is a leader in integrating national and global engagement opportunities into academic programs, allowing students to apply classroom concepts in real-world situations. Each year, Global Studies students volunteer in development projects from Nepal to Guatemala. Upper-year Geography students study northern ecosystems and native cultural heritage, Archaeology students unearth traces of daily life at Wadi-ath Thamad in Jordan, and Spanish language students immerse themselves in the culture of Central America.

The faculty is taking a leadership role in integrating high-impact teaching techniques to smooth the first-year transition for undergraduates and ensure high levels of success throughout their years of study. First-year seminars, faculty mentoring programs and residential learning floors are in place or due for implementation.


Global Engagement Travel Bursaries - Support bursaries to help students who are engaged in a range of global initiatives as part of their university program.

Visiting Scholars Programs - Help fund programs that bring leading scholars to Laurier to share their insights and engage in collaborative research.

First-Year Experience - Support initiatives such as first-year seminars, mentoring and residential learning programs to provide an enriching first-year experience for Arts students.

Public Events - Help foster a sense of community within Laurier and the larger community through timely, provocative film series and public lectures.

Student Assistance - Recognize academic excellence or provide financial support to deserving students.

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