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July 7, 2015

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Additional Practicum Related Documents

Practicum Intern Feedback Form

The Faculty of Social Work is committed to providing interns quality practicum experiences.In order to achieve this, it is necessary to gather information from several sources. Students are asked to complete the Practicum Intern Feedback survey in order to provide feedback and help ensure quality practicum learning experiences are offered to future students. At the end of each placement term, the online survey is emailed to all students for completion.

Student - Placement Proposal Form

Students are permitted to propose a new placement opportunity for an agency they are interested in interviewing with. Although the Practicum Office has established relationships with a large number of agencies, and the majority of agencies proposed by students have provided placements for Laurier in the past, there have been instances where this not the case. Therefore, when the Practicum Office is successful at establishing a placement opportunity with a new agency that a student has proposed, that student will be given priority for a placement interview at that agency.

Students interested in proposing a new placement opportunity are encouraged to fill out the
Placement Proposal Form. Please note: the deadline for proposing new placements is available on the Important Dates webpage.

MSW Practicum Checklist

A Practicum Checklist has been created to assist students with keeping track of all necessary practicum requirements. Please print theMSW Practicum Checklistand utilize it to reduce the likelihood of missing steps in the process, and possibly delaying the commencement of your placement.