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August 28, 2015

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Professional Development Dollars

Professional Development Dollars have been created to express our appreciation to agencies for each student for whom a field placement has been provided per term. PD dollars will be awarded at the end of student placements (effective December, 2012) and can be used immediately or saved for up to five years. The PD dollars will be given to the agency rather than the individual field instructor so that agencies have some flexibility in how to use them (although we trust that field instructors for our students will be the primary beneficiaries). Professional Development dollars expire in five years and have no cash value.

PD dollars will be awarded on the following basis for each student's field placement:

  • 100 PD dollars for the first field placement in post BA programs (82 days, full-or part-time)
  • 75 PD dollars for the second field placement in post BA programs (60 days, full-or part-time)
  • 100 PD dollars for advanced standing (post BSW) field placements (87 days, full-or part-time)

Professional Development dollars can be used toward any workshopoffered by the Faculty of Social Work Professional Development office.

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