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November 30, 2015

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Guidlines on Storage & Access of Institutional Data

Data is an institutional resource and its value and its accuracy improved through its use by the appropriate personnel. Institutional data is critical for the effective functioning of the institution as well as meeting statutory requirements. The data should be protected at all times and be readily available to faculty, staff and students.

Data can become unavailable due to different causes such as system failure, restrictions on access work stoppage and data corruption to name a few.

The scope of the policy outlined here is to ensure that data is available unencumbered and within the scope of legal dimensions. It is not intended to place arbitrary restrictions that impede normal business processes and place undue burden on the personnel from discharging their normal duties.


All data relating to the institutional business should be readily available at all times.

University personnel who are responsible for the data should ensure that it is accessible either manually or by electronic means. If it is latter and is on the personal workstation, staff should ensure that it is not on their local disk drive but on a common drive that is backed up by the Information Technology Services. If for any operational reason it cannot be stored on a common drive, the respective manager of the unit should have access to the personal workstation.

Information Technology Services is responsible for providing training to users on the use of tools and appropriate procedures in the storage of the data.