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November 27, 2015

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Library - Cataloging


1. Personnel

BCP Site Coordinator:Department Head B Cataloguing Services

Minimum number of staff required: 1

  • Department Head - Cataloguing Services

Maximum Acceptable "Down-time": 72 hours (depending on Acquisitions Dept.)

2. Computing Resources

i) Hardware

  • 1 to 8 P.C.s. (depending on severity of disaster)
  • All PCs to be maintained and upgraded with hardware and software supported by Library Systems Department and ITS, and have minimum specifications for running software listed in section (ii).
  • One laser printer with both regular printer cartridge

ii) Software

  • Voyager software B Cataloguing and Acquisitions modules
  • Novell network access, email
  • PC-based - Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, web browser

iii) Networking / Communications

  • Connections between PCs, printers, and central network and Library/TUG servers
  • Internet access - most critical uses are access to TUG servers, label printing services, subscribed cataloguing tools and remote searching capabilities

3. Information Resources

Cataloguing department work procedures are maintained on the Cataloguing L: drive on the library server. Policy and procedure information for WLU cataloguing department and TUG cataloguing are maintained here.

Department head: Networked drive H: may contain files of electronic acquisitions and other projects that can be completed until Acquisitions is operational and can supply new materials.

4. Space, Furnishings, and Other "Infrastructure" Needs

Physical space requirements :

  • work space - 500 square feet
  • storage space - 150 square feet

Furnishings (work stations and chairs) for: 1 person initially; 8 people once Acquisitions is operational and new materials are received

8 book carts

1 telephone with long-distance capabilities, and required cabling and communication lines for same

5. Other Supplies

Pamphlet binders, heavy duty stapler, paper cutter, 3 inch yellow book tape, kraft envelopes of various sizes, book glue, 8" x 11 paper, pens, pencils, staplers, etc...

6. Service Resources

Delivery services B ability to deliver new acquisitions to department for resumption of cataloguing duties and delivery of finished materials to book stacks or storage areas.

Mail Services - within three days, a process for moving mail to and from the alternate location needs to be established.


Tasks and Procedures - Pre-disruption

Inform TUG cataloguing partners that BRP exists and implications of invoking the plan to their organizations. Although the responsibility of the Cataloguing Department Head, all Associates Cataloguers should be trained as to what information they should give to the TUG partners when telephoning. Contact information and telephone numbers should be placed in the secure accessible location (L: drive). Plan should be kept current to the Acquisitions Department BRP, as this department has the most impact on Cataloguing's workflow.

All employees of WLU should be provided with a copy of any relevant BRP's, such as Human Resources. The intent of this is to reduce the number of phone calls and visits that will need to be handled immediately after the disaster.

All relevant cataloguing data stored on the Library's server should be updated regularly, with back-ups maintained and stored in a secure location (data is then available to be restored on new machines).

Tasks and Procedures Post-disruption

A. General Procedures

If Security Services has not been made aware of the invocation of the BRP, the Cataloguing Department Head will first notify this area that the plan has been invoked. Security Services will proceed in notifying all other areas of the University that the Plan has been invoked.

Any staff members on vacation shall be immediately notified, if possible.

The primary focus of Cataloguing will be to insure the integrity of the catalogue. Electronic resources that can be accessed remotely will receive top priority.

B. Procedures Assigned to Specific Employees

Responsibilities of the Cataloguing Department Head:

1. Communicate with Crisis Response Co-ordinator to assess extent of disruption and make decision to implement BRP. Notify the University Librarian that the Plan has been invoked. The Manager will report to work at the BRP alternative work location. Depending upon the circumstances of the disaster, the Manager may need to telephone the employees at home to notify them that the Plan has been invoked and that they may need to report to an alternate location. To support this need, the Manager should ensure that s/he has the home numbers of all of the Cataloguing staff at his/her home at all times.

2. Inform the switchboard of the extension to be used for Cataloguing Department telephone calls.

3. Meet with the University Librarian and other Library Managers at the BRP emergency location and assess the current status.

4. Contact Material Management department to request delivery of furnishings to alternate processing facility.

5. Contact all TUG partners and inform them that we are operating under a BRP and the implications for their organization.

6. Turn on all computers and ensure that they are functioning as expected.

7. Staff employee(s), when required, will commence with maintenance of catalogue.