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November 27, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Advancement Support Services


1. Personnel

BCP Site Coordinator :Director - Advancement Services

The site coordinator will work with the Director of ITS for computing, network and information resources and Assistant Vice-President, Physical Resources for space and furnishings

Minimum number of staff required - 5

  • Director - Advancement Services
  • Manager Prospect research
  • Systems Support Coordinator
  • Financial and Biographical Assistant (2)

Maximum Acceptable "Down-time": 7 days

2. Computing

i) Hardware

  • 4 Personal Computers, for running software listed in section (ii) .
  • One laser printer.

ii) Software

  • Central Administrative Databases - Novell, SCT Banner and e-mail access
  • PC-based - MS Office Suite

iii) Communication Lines/Networking Needs

  • Internal connections needed between PCs, printers, and central network
  • Internet Access for email and credit card processing

3. Information Resources

Critical "standing" data required for providing ongoing services is currently maintained in the following drives:

  • Director - Advancement Services
  • Manager Prospect Research
  • Systems Support Coordinator
  • Alumni and Development Input Specialist (Kim Miller)

4. Space, Furnishings, and Other "Infrastructure" Needs

Physical space requirements :

  • work space - 500 square feet
  • storage space - 100 square feet

Furnishings - work stations and chairs for 5 people

5 telephones with long-distance capabilities, and required cabling and communication lines for same

5. Other Forms and Supplies

Pre-printed donation receipt forms - supplied by Moore Corporation.

General supplies, such as 8 2 x 11 paper, pens, pencils, staplers, etc... can be purchased from Basics Office Supply by department staff, on an as-needed basis.

6. Service Resources

Registrars Office

Payroll Dept

Finance Dept

7.Emergency Personnel - on call list


Home Phone:

Cell (if available):

Office (Rm #) and Phone

Note: Care should be taken when distributing unlisted phone numbers

Tasks and Procedures- Pre-disruption

Unit: Advancement Services

Responsibility:Director, Advancement Services

Process Name:

Information Technology Role:Banner ( Advancement module)


All operational electronic data should be backed up regularly with a copy stored in a secure location; critical templates and other data should be backed up regularly from personal computers

Passwords and login instructions for processing Royal Bank Pre-approved Payments and online banking information fromMoneris should be stored in a secure location

Passwords and instructions for online research vendors should be stored in a secure location

Copies of signed Terms and Conditions and copies of internal policies should be stored in a secure location off-site

Contact information for donors must be kept up to date on Banner since this is the most secure systems available

Tasks and Procedures- Post-disruption

Unit:Advancement Services

Responsibility:Director, Advancement Services

Process Name:

Information Technology Role: Banner (Advancement module)

A. General Procedures

If Security Services has not been made aware of the invocation of the BRP, theDirector, Advancement Services will first notify this area that the plan has been invoked. Security Services will proceed in notifying all other areas of the University that the Plan has been invoked.

Any staff members on vacation should be immediately recalled, if possible.

Advancement Services will continue to issue charitable tax receipts and process donations as well as maintain alumni records. Advancement Services staff will relocate to temporary workspace on or off-campus.

Development's primary focus will be to continue the fundraising effort and to protect the relationships the University has established with its donors. Faculty Fundraisers will relocate to workspace within their faculty. Central fundraisers will work from temporary locations on or off-campus.

B. Procedures Assigned to Specific Employees

Responsibilities of theDirector, Advancement Services:

1. Communicate with Emergency Manager of the Emergency Operations Group to assess extent of disruption and make decision to implement BRP. Notify all University Advancement Staff that the Plan has been invoked. Development staff will report to work at the BRP alternative work location. Depending upon the circumstances of the disaster, theDirector, Advancement Services may need to telephone the employees at home to notify them that the Plan has been invoked and that they need to report to an alternate location. To support this need, theDirector, Advancement Services should ensure that s/he has the home numbers of all Development staff at his/her home at all times.

2.Inform the switchboard of the extension to be used for Development telephone calls.

3.Retrieve contents of safe as soon as possible.

4. In conjunction with the Financial and Biographical Assistant=s, assess the current status of donations processing and identify the most critical actions. If donations are in process, identify and secure outstanding cash and equivalents. Deposit these as soon as possible. Retrieve Pre-approved Payments and Monthly Credit Card binders from safe as soon as possible.

5.Mass e-mail all WLU Managers with instructions as to how Advancement Services and Development operations will continue through the interruption in business operations.

6. Contact Moore North America and immediately order new charitable donation receipts. Template for these should be stored off-site in backup location.

Responsibilities of VP, Development & Alumni Relations:

1. Brief President and Senior Administration of invocation of BRP for Development Office

Responsibilities of Systems Support Co-ordinator:

1.Retrieve back up copies of operational data files, establish access to Banner and appropriate software on temporary computers.

2.Co-ordinate computer/telephone services at temporary location

Responsibilities of Financial and Biographical Assistants:

1.Call Royal Bank and obtain new deposit book

2.Call Moneris Solutions and arrange temporary terminal for processing credit card donations

3.Call mail services and arrange to have mail redirected

4.Call materiel management and arrange for temporary furniture

5.One Assistant will be assigned to answering telephone enquiries

Responsibilities of Manager Prospect Research:

1. Secure all confidential information

2.Ensure all online information resources are available