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November 24, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Human Resources


1. Personnel

BCP Site Coordinator :AVP: Human Resources

The site coordinator will work with the Director of ITS for computing, network and information resources and Assistant Vice-President, Physical Resources for space and furnishings

Minimum number of staff required :5 days

  • AVP: Human Resources
  • Senior Human Resource Consultants (2)
  • Human Resource Administrators (2)

Maximum Acceptable "Down-time": 3 days

2. Computing

i) Hardware :

  • 5 PCs (running Windows XP) with one at least equipped with a CD burner, all capable of running software listed in section (ii)
  • One black and white laser printer with a regular printer cartridge

ii) Software

  • Central Administrative Databases B SCT Banner, Novell and email access
  • PC-based B Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Corel Wordperfect, Cognos

iii) Networking / Communications

  • Connections between PCs, printers and central network, Internet access

3. Information Resources

"Standing" HR data pertinent to the operation of the department and legal liabilities will be saved on the HR "P" drive.

Each staff member will have a file on the HR "P" drive for saving critical files. A file with critical employee information will be available on this drive as well as general forms, collective agreements, booklets, etc.

4. Space, Furnishings and Other "Infrastructure" Needs

Physical space requirements:

  • work space - enough for 5 people
  • storage space - 100 square feet

Desks and chairs for 5 people, and one three drawer file cabinet

5 telephones with long-distance capabilities.

One fax machine and photocopier

5. Other Forms and Supplies

Most forms are available on-line. Benefit and insurance forms are available from insurance companies. HR-produced forms (benefit sign-up sheet, maternity leave, confidentiality, etc...) will all be available on the "P" drive.

General supplies can be purchased from Basics Office Supply using the HR account #.

6. Emergency Personnel - on call list


Home Phone:

Cell (if available)

Office ( Rm #) and Phone

Note: Care should be taken when distributing unlisted phone numbers

Tasks and Procedures - Pre-disruption

Unit:Human Resources

Responsibility:AVP, Human resources

Process Name:

Information Technology Role: AVP,HR will work with ITS in Implementing steps 2thru 6

1. Inform critical outside service providers (Cowan Wright, Equitable Life and UNUM) that the BCP exists and implications of invoking the plan to their business (i.e. liability issues).

2. Implement a computer back up process as follows. (A scanner will be needed).

Set up and organize the P drive:

  • A file for each staff person , protected by a personal password
  • A file for sharing, hosting regularly used forms and difficult to replicate information (i.e. up-to-date retiree list)
  • A file for scanned, critical, employee documents from present and on-going, not available on soft copy.

Train departmental staff to save critical documents on the common drive that is being backed up.

Ensure that the P drive is backed up every Friday afternoon. Assign a primary and secondary staff person responsible for the task

Ensure that the backup is stored off-site. [The P drive is also backed up daily by ITS].

Encourage all staff to use their CDRW to back up their local hard drive files and store them off-site.

3. Identify any previous documents not available as an electronic copy-scan and store them on a disk in an off-site location.

4. Move the entire department to an email system accessible off-site and provide training on how to effectively use the system.

5. Develop a list of computer equipment and the staff members associated with that equipment B their user names and passwords as well. Store this data off-site.

Tasks and Procedures - Post-disruption

Unit:Human Resources

BCP Site Coordinator:AVP, Human Resources

Process Name:

Information Technology role:Banner ( HR module)

A. General

  • Establish a "home base" as soon as possible and alert staff.
  • Contact Security Services with BCP information, new contact information for all employees, etc. Contact switchboard with new contact information.
  • Any employee on vacation should be recalled, if possible.

B. Assigned to Specific Employees

Responsibilities of the AVP: Human Resources :

  • Notify all Direct Reports that the plan has been invoked. The AVP will arrange an alternate location and communicate this to the Direct Reports. The AVP should ensure he has all the appropriate contact information.
  • Retrieve all off-site stored data.
  • Meet with all HR staff to assess the situation and identify most critical actions.

Responsibilities of the HR Consultants (3) and Training Manager:

  • Contact employees reporting to him/her and advise of situation, emergency meeting location, etc.
  • Meet with all staff in emergency location and assign duties.
  • Prioritize work assignments; assist other managers dealing with critical issues pertaining to their employees, etc.

Responsibilities of the Equity/HR Consultant, Pension/HR Administrator, HR Administrators :

  • Meet with all staff in emergency location and assist in defining critical tasks
  • Establish phone lines and provide extension information to switchboard immediately
  • Arrange for emergency equipment/furnishings/etc., to be delivered to emergency location.
  • Identify one person to answer telephone inquiries
  • Identify two people to assist in getting the emergency location running