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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 1, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Research and Curriculum Development Projects Approved for Funding

Research project funding and curriculum development projects approved during 2013-2014

Effect of Vertical Pay Dispersion on Employee Sabotage Behaviors: Field Evidence from the China

Lan Guo (WLU), Yuming Hu (Jinan University, China), Wenjin Li (Jinan University, China)

Developing Taxation 3 Course Materials, Cases and Coordinating Senior Level Diploma Courses 

Ling Chu (WLU)

Corporate Donations, Firm Performance and Financial Reporting

Bixia Xu (WLU)

Corporate Social Responsibility and CEO Overpay

Bixia Xu (WLU) and Flora Niu (WLU)

The Impact of Operational Risk on the Relationship between Board Independence and the usefulness of accounting information

Ling Chu (WLU), Robert Mathieu (WLU), Chima Mbagwu (WLU)

The Effect of Relative Performance information on Employee Performance

Leslie Berger (WLU)

The Effect of Professionalism Commercialism focus on professional skepticism: Balance between quality and efficiency, does the message and who delivers it matter?

Carolyn MacTavish (WLU)

Research project funding approved during 2012-2013

The Impact of Performance Target Adjustments on Employee Performance

Leslie Berger (WLU), Khim Kelly (UW), James Wainberg (UW), Alan Webb (UW)

The Bright and Dark Sides of Relative Performance Information: Effects on Employees' Sabotage Behavior 

Lan Guo (WLU), Jason Kuang (Georgia Tech), Kelvin Liu (Northwestern University)

Honesty in Reporting: The Interactive Effects of Bonus versus Penalty Incentives and Employee's

Leslie Berger (WLU), Lan Guo (WLU), Adam Preslee

Research project funding approved during 2011-2012

Integrity Impairments in Accountants' Judgements

Leslie Berger (WLU), Efrin Boritz (UW), Carolyn MacTavish (WLU)

Earning management and going private decision

Bixia Xu (WLU), Tao Zeng (WLU)

Research project funding approved during 2010-2011

How Rewarding Non-financial & Financial Measures Affects Managers' Resource Allocation Decisions

Lan Guo (WLU)

Visiting Scholar (P. Zhang)

Robert Mathieu (WLU)

Funding for Compustat for WRDS database

Bruce McConomy (WLU)

Funding for Compustat ExecuComp database

Flora Niu (WLU)

Renewal of China Stock Market Financial Statements Research Database

Tao Zeng (WLU)

Funding for Corporate Social Responsibility Database

Tao Zeng (WLU)

Research Project funding approved during 2009-2010

The use of non-refundable tax credits for post-secondary education: optimal choices & current practices

Robert Mathieu (WLU)

Director Tenure, Multiple Board Appointments & the Likelihood of Being a Problem Director (database)

Flora Niu (WLU) and Greg Berberich (WLU)

Research project funding approved during 2007-2008

The Relative Importance of Information Disclosures in the Biotechnology Industry
Bruce J. McConomy (WLU) and Bixia Xu (WLU)

Research and Curriculum Development Projects Funded 2006 -2007

Auditors’ reputation and off-balance sheet activities: The case of operating leases

Robert Mathieu (WLU), Ling Chu (WLU) and Ping Zhang (UofT)

Information Uncertainty, Investor’s Behavior, and Share Price Volatility

Bixia Xu  (WLU) and Michel Magnan (Concorida)

Corporate governance, ownership structure and firm performance

Flora Niu (WLU)