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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Vice-President:  Finance  and  Administration
February 13, 2016

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Year End Information

The University's fiscal year ends on April 30.

To determine if an expenditure relates to the current fiscal period, the following guidelines should be followed:

1.Purchase of a good: The item must be received prior to May 1.

2. Purchase of a service: The service must be provided prior to May 1.

3. Payment of Travel: The trip must take place prior to May 1.

4. Payment of Wages: The work paid for must have occurred prior to May 1.

Year End Purchases

Purchases which need to be applied against a particular year's budget must arrive on campus on or before April 30th of that budget year. Please note that some items such as research equipment, appliances and furniture, or custom items may have lengthy delivery timelines. If your purchase must be matched against a particular fiscal year, please verify with the chosen supplier the delivery time and plan accordingly when submitting your Purchase Requisition to Procurement Services.

Though every attempt will be made to expedite processing of these transactions wherever possible, it is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure the request has been made with ample time to arrive on campus prior to the year-end deadline.