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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Vice-President:  Finance  and  Administration
February 7, 2016

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Purchase Requisitions

A purchase requisition is the internal document used by Procurement to generate your Purchase Order. Please note it is an internal request and should not be presented to a supplier as an official purchase order.

Where the University Purchasing Card cannot be used, purchase requisition forms are used to initiate off-campus purchases of equipment, supplies, services and leases subject to the following exceptions:

Book orders for faculty and staff



Individual hotel accommodations.

The requestor should enter a detailed description of the goods or services to be ordered as well as the name of the suggested supplier along with price, if known. Where the value of the procurement exceeds $10,000 or for any Consulting Services, please attach the following documentation to your requisition:

Any competitive quotations received

Letters of proposal where applicable, and other pertinent information received

Contractual information required by the vendor

All University purchases are subject to the competitive procurement thresholds outlined in Policy 5.11. Should you need assistance in obtaining additional quotes where required, please contact Procurement Services.

On Line Requisitions and Approvals

The web based Purchase Requisition application (WebReq) enables end users to complete the requisition, attach all relevant documentation, and submit it electronically to Procurement Services. Procurement will review and edit the document, apply applicable taxes, then submit to the approvals process. Instructions on completing the Millennium web requisition can be found on the Financial Resources website under Documents. (Link)

Manual Requisition Forms

A manual requisition should only be completed when ordering against accounts that have not been set up with the on line approvals process. You can print the Requisition Form from a pdf file here. After completion of the requisition form, attach all relevant documentation, obtain authorized approval signatures, and forward it to Procurement Services for processing.

Changes to Orders

Should you require an adjustment to your order please send a new requisition to Procurement Services referencing the original order. Please note that all change orders should be issued through Procurement Services to ensure that payments made are for goods and services which have been properly authorized.