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April 21, 2014
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Novell Print Driver

Print Driver

Can’t see your Xerox MFD (copier) print driver? See below before calling the help desk.

  1. Please check with your department’s administrative assistant and ensure the Print Driver for your local Xerox MFD (copier) is allowed.
  2. Check your “Printers and Faxes” folder (using your computer mouse) by left clicking once on “Start” at the lower left hand corner of the screen and then left click on “Printers and Faxes”. A window will appear. See if your local Xerox MFD (copier) is listed. It should be labeled Xerox-“the copier room number”-m”#”.
    • For Example, Printing Services department copier is located in R131. Their print driver is labeled “Xerox-R131-m1”.
  3. Please make sure you are logged into Novell. If you are unsure please(using your computer mouse) right click on the red “N” in the task bar beside the time in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Left click once on “Novell Login” and use your Novell user name and password when the login window appears. Repeat step 2.
  4. Call the Help Desk for assistance at x4357. Please ensure you give them the room number your Xerox MFD (copier) is located.