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Wilfrid Laurier University Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
August 1, 2015

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General Health and Safety Training

These health and safety sessions areopen to all employees. To request a training for your department or staff please fill out a request form.

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Laurier Health & Safety Awareness Training

MANDATORY awareness training for both workers and supervisors

Ontario Regulation (O. Reg 297/13) comes into force on July 1, 2014, setting out MANDATORY occupational health and safety awareness training to be provided to workers and supervisors.

To ensure Laurier is in compliance with theOccupational Health and Safety Act and O. Reg. 297/13, all Laurier employees must complete MANDATORY on-line awareness training. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring their staff complete this mandatorytraining.

The intent of the mandatoryawareness training program is toincrease workers' and supervisors' knowledge of basic rights and responsibilities under the OHSA and heighten awareness of basic workplace health and safety issues. The training promotes the Internal Responsibility System (IRS), which is based on the principle that workplace parties themselves are in the best position to identify health and safety problems and develop solutions. Employers, supervisors and workers share in the responsibility for occupational health and safety and their roles and responsibilities are an important component of the awareness training programs.

The legislation requires employers to ensure that workers and supervisorsreceive training on:/>/>

  • The rights and duties of the workplace parties under the OHSA.
  • The role of the Joint Health & Safety Committee under the OHSA.
  • The roles of the Ministry of Labour, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Safe Workplace Associations designated under the OHSA.


First Aid and CPR Certification

This day long course, is offered as part of the First Aid Program to all faculty and staff who wish to gain a general knowledge of first aid principles and emergency treatment of injuries. Skills include: victim assessment, rescue breathing, CPR for Adult and Child, choking, respiratory and circulatory emergencies such as heart attack and stroke, and how to deal with external bleeding. There are no prerequisites for this course. All candidates will receive a first aid manual. This certification is recognized by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Registrations for this training will be facilitated as specified in Laurier's First Aid Procedure.

Priority acceptance will be given to Staff and Faculty who have been designated as a first aid attendant for their area. First aid attendants are responsiblefor administering first aid treatment and managing a first aid station. SHERM may require confirmation of your role as first attendant from your supervisor.

Priority acceptancewill also be given to registrants when first aidtraining is appropriate based on the risks involved with their position or department/faculty. SHERM may require confirmation of the appropriateness of this training from your supervisor.

If space remains available, registrations will be accepted for Staff and Faculty who do not manage a first aid station.

NOTE: Students interested in taking this course maybe accommodatedif space permits. Students must register for this course by contacting A $100 fee is required to attend this session. Cheques must be brought to the SHERM office two weeks prior to the course, and can be made out to Wilfrid Laurier University.

For further information on this training, please contactChristine

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Fork Lift Safety

This course is only to those areas using lift truck devices. available to This course is made up of two parts. Part I: is designed to give participants a general understanding of various aspects of operating a forklift safely. Participants will review legal responsibilities, hazard identification, load capacity, forklift stability and also the importance of daily checks. Part II: Participants will be required to undergo a practical competency test. Both parts must be completed in order for the participant to receive their certificate.

For further information or to request atraining, please contactDonna


This session will discuss how effective housekeeping can eliminate some workplace hazards and help to get the job done safely and efficiently. This session is generally offered in conjunction with other general health and safety topics (House Keeping, Ladder Safety and Slips, Trips and Falls).

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Ladder Safety

This session will describe hazards that arise from the use of ladders, and how to identify and assess the ways to control these. This session is generally offered in conjunction with other general health and safety topics (House Keeping, Ladder Safety and Slips, Trips and Falls).

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This training session is only provided to employees responsible for the locking and tagging out of equipment. This 2 hour session will provide employees with basic principles of lockout/tagout procedures specific to Wilfrid Laurier University. It will also address responsibilities associated with lockouts.

Waterloo - TBA

Brantford -TBA

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program

This program is currently not available at Laurier. In an effort to ensure SHERM provides training that is beneficial and relevant to the Laurier community, plans are currently underway to certify Laurier instructors to a version of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training that is specific to an educational setting. We hope to offer this new training inSpring of 2015. Pleasecheck our website at that time for an updateon possible training dates. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Pandemic Awareness Training

The University Pandemic Response Plan identifies the need for staff education to be initiated during adelcarded influenza pandemic.Health Services and EOHS are providing awareness/educational sessions for staff and faculty on the H1N1 pandemic.

Waterloo - TBA

Brantford - TBA

Slips, Trips and Falls

This one hour session providesparticipants with knowledge to understand how slips, trips and falls occur; how to identify hazardsin the workplace; and how to work to ensure that effective control measures are implemented. This session is generally offered in conjunction with other general health and safety topics (House Keeping, Ladder Safety and Slips, Trips and Falls).

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