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Wilfrid Laurier University Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
May 26, 2016
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Manager/Supervisor Specific Training

The following training sessions are applicable to those in managerial or supervisory roles.

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OHSA & The Competent Supervisor

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of what a "competent" person is as defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and assists them in meeting their health and safety obligations. The course will begin by focusing on a practical introduction to OHSA, Internal Responsibility System, supervisory function, and the External Responsibility System.

Problems surrounding discipline for workplace health & safety infractions will also be discussed. Participants will review how to bring due diligence into the workplace and discuss strategies for making discipline for safety work.

For further information or to request a training, please contact Stephanie Kibbee at
Laurier Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness Training

MANDATORY awareness training for both workers and supervisors

Ontario Regulation (O. Reg 297/13) comes into force on July 1, 2014, setting out MANDATORY occupational health and safety awareness training to be provided to workers and supervisors.

To ensure Laurier is in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and O. Reg. 297/13, all Laurier employees must complete MANDATORY on-line awareness training before September 30, 2014.  Supervisors are responsible for ensuring their staff complete the Laurier Worker Awareness training. 

The intent of the mandatory awareness training program is to increase workers' and supervisors' knowledge of basic rights and responsibilities under the OHSA and heighten awareness of basic workplace health and safety issues.  The training promotes the Internal Responsibility System (IRS), which is based on the principle that workplace parties themselves are in the best position to identify health and safety problems and develop solutions.  Employers, supervisors and workers share in the responsibility for occupational health and safety and their roles and responsibilities are an important component of the awareness training programs.

The legislation requires employers to ensure that workers and supervisors receive training on: />/>

  • The rights and duties of the workplace parties under the OHSA.
  • The role of the Joint Health & Safety Committee under the OHSA.
  • The roles of the Ministry of Labour, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Safe Workplace Associations designated under the OHSA.


Health & Safety Orientation for New Employees & Supervisors

Laurier’s Health & Safety Orientation program informs workers of their rights and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and provides hazard related and Laurier specific information in an effort to ensure the safety of the worker and the Laurier community.  It also provides a process for job specific training to be administered by the supervisor.  Orientation training is mandatory for all employees at Laurier.

Orientation training is divided into three parts as follows:

PART 1 : Online orientation training (accessed by the employee through My Learning Space)
PART 2 : In class two hour orientation training (provided by SHERM)
PART 3 : Job specific orientation training (provided by the supervisor)

New employees must complete Part 1 (online training) within the first week of hire.  The online training can be completed by logging onto MyLearningSpace ( using your Windows username and password and clicking on the "Self Registration" link at the top of the page to register for "New Employee Health and Safety Orientation".

From the list of courses, choose either "New Employee Health and Safety Orientation Training for Workers" if you are a worker OR "New Employee Health and Safety Orientation Training for Supervisors" if you are a supervisor and follow the prompts.  Once you have completed the registration, the course will be available on your My Learning Space homepage under your course list.  If you are unsure, which version of the training to take (worker vs. supervisor), please click here.

Following your completion of Part 1, you will be contacted by SHERM to attend an in class session (Part 2).  Additional training may be required depending on the risks associated with your position (See note below).

Part 3 of orientation will be conducted by your supervisor and will include health and safety information that is specific to your position.

For more information on additional training required according to position, please refer to theTraining Requirements for Laurier Employees.

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Please Note: Support staff going into laboratories will require an additional training that is provided following the general orientation presentation (10:30am -12:00pm). Faculty and Staff who work within the laboratories will be required to attend an additional training session that is scheduled separately.

For further information on this training, please contact Christine Haywood at