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Wilfrid Laurier University Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
December 1, 2015

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Fire/Electrical Safety Training

The following training is availableto all employees. Those volunteeringas an Emergency Warden (EW) or Building Evacuation Coordinator(BEC) must complete BEC/EW refresher courses every three years.

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BEC/EW Training

This program is presented by SHERM in collaboration withthe local municipal fire department. It will take participants through some "real life" fire situations and cover all important information regarding fire safety. This session will also inform you on how to make the right choices in an emergency situation. Discussion and question period to follow. Emergency wardens must attend at least one session and re-attend every three years.

For further information or to request atraining, please contact Philip

Compressed Gas Cylinders - ONLINE TRAINING

The objective of this training session is to review legislation, and understand the associated responsibilities. This session will also review procedures for storing, handling, and the proper use of cylinders, as well as understanding the hazards associated with compressed gas cylinders.

*This training is only available ONLINE.

Fire Extinguisher Training

SHERM together with the local municipal fire departments are offering fire extinguisher training for all Laurier employees. Building Evacuation Coordinators and Emergency Wardens are recommended to attend.*No charge for Emergency Wardens (EWs) and Building Evacuation Coordinators (BECs).

Contact Philip Teskey (, ext. 3887) to inquire about the cost of this training.

Brantford - TBA

Waterloo -TBA

Fire Safety Requirements for Ignitable Liquids

Thissession is presented in collaboration with the local municipal fire department and will provide information of the requirements of Ontario Fire Code (2007) as it pertains to Division B, Part 4 - Flammable Liquids and Combustible Liquids use in laboratories (container storage, handling, maximum quantities etc.).

Waterloo- contact Philip Teskey (
Brantford - contact Philip Teskey (

For further information, please contact Philip

Safe Management of Electrical Appliances

SHERM developedtheSafe Management of Electrical Appliances Program due to the misuse of common electrical appliances at Laurier. This program provides requirements and procedures relating to the management of electrical hazards for the University community to safely use common electrical wiring and devices such as power bars, extension cords, plugs, receptacles and common electrical appliances such as space heaters, microwaves, fridges etc.This document also describes elements to consider prior to using new equipment or used equipment newly acquired in order to ensure your safety and to ensure it meets current regulation, code or standard.

For further information, please contact Philip Teskey at

Waterloo - contact Philip Teskey ext 3887

Brantford - contact Philip Teskey ext 3887

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Workplace Electrical Safety Training

This session will train staff on the hazards associated with working on energized electrical equipment necessary for troubleshooting, testing and similar activities. Specifically, training will be providedon electrical systems and equipment operating between 50-600 volts AC phase-to-phase or greater than 50 volts DC. The training will be based on Laurier's Workplace Electrical Safety Program and all applicable provincial legislation as specified in the program.

For further information or to request atraining, please contact Philip

Waterloo - contact Philip Teskey (
Brantford - contact Philip Teskey (