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Wilfrid Laurier University Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
May 30, 2015
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Accident Reporting and WSIB


Accidents are unwanted events usually accompanied by undesirable consequences. The situations following accidents must be managed to reduce the overall negative impact of the accident. Accidents must be carefully investigated and analyzed to gain information that will enable the prevention of other undesirable events with one or more similar factors.

All accidents involving Laurier staff, faculty, students, visitors and contractors must be reported as per the Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure.

Immediately following a workplace injury, employees must complete an Accident/Incident Report Form with their supervisor.  If attention from a health care professional is required a WSIB Package for Injured Workers must be given to an injured employee before seeing a health professional.

To view the Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure Click Here

To access the Accident/Incident Report Form Click Here

To access a fillable pdf Accident/Incident Form Click Here

To view the WSIB Package for Injured Workers Click Here


When an injury is sustained by a Laurier student, and occurs during academic activities, an Accident/Incident Report must be completed.  The report should be completed with an employee of the university, who witnessed the accident, or has knowledge of the accident, as soon as reasonably possible after the injury. 

*Note: Students being compensated by the university for work are considered employees and Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure must be followed.


The accident reporting protocols are provided as a quick reference. For more detailed information regarding accident/incident reporting please refer to the Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure, contact your supervisor or SHERM. 

To view the Accident Reporting Protocol Click Here.


This form is provided to health care professionals to document the physical restrictions of a worker injured in a workplace accident.

To view the Functional Abilities Form Click Here


"The workplace Safety and Insurance Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act, and Human Rights and Employment Legislation, articulate a diverse set of rights, responsibilities and accountabilities for the prevention of workplace accidents and the accommodation of individuals within the workplace.  In meeting these obligations, the University needs to adopt a consistent approach with managing absences’ relating to disability in order to ensure the early and safe return to work of employees.

To view the Workplace Injury Accommodation Practice Click Here


This pocket card defines a "critical injury" as well as specifies responsibilities and steps to be taken immediately following a "critical injury".  For more information on what to do in the event of a "critical injury", refer to  the Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure.

To view the Critical Injuries Card Click Here

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