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November 28, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Ancilllary Components

Persons with Disabilities

The Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator has a responsibility to strike a fair balance in assessing the risks associated with participation by people with disabilities.  Accommodation of an individual’s special needs does not necessarily increase the risk associated with the activity, nor does it necessarily hamper the individual’s participation in the activity.  However, in some circumstances it may not be safe for the individual to participate in an international activity in the absence of certain accommodations.

Acknowledgement and Consent Forms

Participants must be advised of the known and reasonably foreseeable risks inherent in the international activity, and they must acknowledge that they consent to the assumption of these risks, and the responsibilities they have prior to and during the activity to ensure their health and safety.  Participants must complete the Acknowledgement of Risk and Responsibility Form  and submit it to the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator prior to the beginning of the activity. 


For any field trips or group international activities involving undergraduate students, the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator and the Team Leader must have contact information for all participants.  An example of a contact information form that can be used is the Participant Information for International Activities .


Safe Travel Support Program (STSP)

The Safe Travel Support Program consists of the following steps:

1)     The Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator provides the Director, Laurier International (or in his/her absence, Manager, Programs and Services) detail trip information and the names and WLU ID numbers of all participants.

2)     Laurier International will advise the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator to:

a.      subscribe to the daily travel warning updates from DFAIT ( for the duration of the trip

b.      Ensure that all students register on Canadians Abroad (

3)     Participants will be registered on Laurier International’s DepartSmart program.  Participants must acknowledge, through the Acknowledgement of Risk and Responsibility that they have completed DepartSmart.


Reporting Requirements for Incidents

Certain incidents that occur during an international activity are required to be reported to the University within two weeks of conclusion of the activity.  The Post-Activity Incident Report must be submitted by either the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator or Team Leader to the Person in Authority.  Any important information that could impact the planning of future international activities must be shared with the appropriate Dean/ VP and Laurier International.  The University then has an obligation to take steps to avoid recurrences of health and safety incidents during subsequent operations of similar international activities.


Incidents that are more critical in nature, including but not restricted to serious illness or injury, fatal accidents, sudden deaths, suicide, assaults, political or civil unrest, a natural or environmental disaster, or any other event on the basis of which the international activity could be immediately terminated for the safety of the participants must be reported to the appropriate University personnel as soon as possible so that appropriate decisions can be made.