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March 27, 2015

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Enrollment Information


1. Students who wish to register for FS courses are advised to do as soon as the registration period begins. Our courses fill quickly, and we do not issue overrides. We also do not keep waiting lists. Once a course is full, students seeking entry to it are advised to continue to check LORIS during the first two weeks of term. At the same time, they must attend the lecture and screening sections (as well as tutorial sections in our first-year classes) so that if a spot opens up, they will be up to speed with the course material.

2. Students seeking to register in large-enrollment 100-level FS courses must register for all THREE components at the same time: the lecture, one screening, and one tutorial. If LORIS indicates the lecture section has reached its capacity, then the course is closed; see point 1. above.

3. Students enrolled in any 300-level FS course must have completed 1.0 credit in FS. Because this prerequisite cannot be applied in LORIS, we advertise it in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar, in the Film Studies Course Handbook, and on this website. Students who have not met this requirement and who have not sought out special permission from the Program Coordinator will be removed from the course in which they have enrolled. Be advised that this prerequisite exists in part to protect unprepared students from classes that expect of them a demonstration of level-appropriate, disciplinary knowledge of film theory and history.

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