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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services
November 26, 2015

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Establishing Research Accounts

The Vice-President: Research should have signing authority and the ultimate responsibility for the accounts that the Office of Research Services has agreed to administer on behalf of the University.

Accounts which should be under Office of Research Services control/responsibilities

  1. Research grants, including but not limited to those awarded by federal granting councils (e.g. SSHRC, NSERC), external foundations (e.g. Ontario Mental Health Foundation), agencies, associations (e.g. AUCC)
  2. All grants awarded by the Wilfrid Laurier University Research Grants Committee.
  3. Research contracts (government or other agencies) negotiated/signed by the Vice-President: Research

Types of accounts which should not be administered by the Office of Research Services

  1. Research grants awarded by a Faculty or Department
  2. Start-up funds
  3. Academic journals (except those which have received funding from the Academic Development Fund through the internal grants program)

Procedure for opening research accounts:

Funds can be deposited to a research account only with the approval of the Office of Research Services. To approve the opening of a research account, the Office of Research Services requires the following information:

  1. Notification of Grant/Contract from the sponsoring agency
  2. A copy of the sponsor's terms and conditions concerning the award, including regulations for administering the funds (a contract, a Letter of Agreement, and any reporting obligations to the agency when work is completed)
  3. Research proposal or description of the research project, including a line-by-line budget
  4. Ethics approval (i.e. human subjects, animals), if required
  5. Expected completion date
Management of research accounts
  1. Individual faculty members are responsible for submitting their expense claims/purchase orders, etc. according to regular approval processes with appropriate one-over-one signatures.
  2. Researchers must monitor their research account, and keep sufficient records such that accounts do not go into deficit positions. Deficits may be permitted only if discussed with, and approved by, the Vice-President: Research (e.g. in contract research where the external agency is billed after expenses are incurred, or, where a periodic payment is expected but delayed).
  3. Researchers who create a deficit in any research account will not be eligible to apply for internal grants until the deficit has been eliminated.
  4. The Office of Research Services will review accounts on a regular basis.
  5. External research accounts should have an expiry date, which is established according to the expected or agreed duration of the project. Any extensions beyond this date must be approved by the Vice-President: Research and the sponsoring agency.