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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services
April 17, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Internal Grant Programs

Purpose of the Internal Grant Programs 

To establish and enhance the credibility of researchers:

  • provide seed funding to generate initial data for analysis
  • encourage dissemination through conferences, workshops, scholarly and creative publications

To support research that might not be funded otherwise:

  • research topics that "fall between the cracks"
  • innovative, cutting-edge research that might be considered too risky by discipline-based peer review committees

Application Submission

  • Please read all general guidelines as well as specific program guidelines before applying for any internal grant.
  • Application forms are available under the "Documents" heading.

Please submit:

One (1) electronic copy of your application (in a single file and bearing all required signatures) to  (Note:  Travel Grant applications only go to your Faculty Dean)

You will receive email confirmation within 5 working days that your application has been received by the Research Office.

Department photocopiers can be used to scan and then email your application. 

Internal Grant Programs

The Laurier Internal Grant program has been revised.  Please check the guidelines at the following links for the individual grants for eligibility, due dates, amounts, and application forms.