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February 10, 2016

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Final Examination Guidelines for OC (On Line Learning) students.

On Line Learning Information for students - Examinations Dept. Office of the Registrar, Ext. 6098/6370/6359


To find approved exam proctors across Ontario through the Ontario Government website use link below.

  • DE final exam schedules will be posted around the 5th week in a 12 week term, i.e. Fall, Winter and Spring and the 3rd week in a 6 week term, i.e. Intersession and Summer.

  • Students please note when the exam schedule is posted you would need to print the Proctor Form on the Exam web site and have your proctor fill out all pertinent information.

  • Please have the forms into our office by the due date that is shown on the Proctor Form.

  • It is very important for us to have on file a contact number where we can reach you, or an email address. This will ensure any changes or announcements due to inclement weather etc. will be relayed to you.

  • The exam schedule should be checked regularly for changes to exam locations, i.e. rooms, buildings. Very rarely will an exam date be changed.