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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
July 3, 2015

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Program Requirements

Students must develop their programs in consultation with the Graduate Officer. The Graduate Officer must approve the student's program in all cases. To qualify for the degree a student must successfully complete the following:

Three core courses (which include the sociological theory course, one of two research methods courses and the research and professionalization seminar), 3 electives and a major research paper are required for the degree. With the approval of the Graduate Officer, one of the courses may be taken from a master's program of another department at Wilfrid Laurier University and one may be taken from a sociology graduate program of another recognized university under the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan. In addition to this, students may also arrange to take one of their courses as a directed studies course under the supervision of an individual professor.

To complete these requirements successfully a student must earn a "pass" in the research and professionalization seminar (graded as pass/fail), must earn no less than a B- in any given course, and must complete a major research paper.

The normal sequence of registration is illustrated in the following table:

Fall Term

3 courses:

  • Research and Professionalization Seminar
  • Advanced Qualitative Research
  • Theory and Practice

Winter Term

3 courses:

  • Three electives

Spring Term

Major Research Paper

Grades for all courses will be assigned in accordance with the Course Requirements specified in the WLU Graduate Calendar.

Language Requirements:
There is no language requirement for the master's degree in sociology.

Major Research Paper:
The major research paper is considered to be similar to a thesis in quality of work, but less than a thesis in scope. Students will complete a paper in which they engage in original research on an approved topic. Typically papers will be between 50 and 60 pages in length, excluding bibliography. The MRP committee is composed of a chair and a reader.There will be an oral defense of the MRP.The defense includes the student, the chair and the reader.