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July 2, 2015
Canadian Excellence

What is Knowledge Mobilization?

RedLeaf_2.jpgWhat is Knowledge Mobilization?

Knowledge mobilization (KMb) describes the process of “moving knowledge into active service for the broadest possible common good (  Mobilizing knowledge is intended to improve communities, workplaces, health, education, policy and communities through effective creation, sharing, leveraging and application of knowledge.

The term knowledge mobilization or KMb (SSHRC) is analogous to knowledge translation or KT (CIHR), knowledge exchange (CHSRF), Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (UK), Knowledge & distributed intelligence and knowledge dissemination (MSFHR). In the natural sciences, knowledge mobilization is often called ‘tech transfer’.

Knowledge mobilization is concerned with reciprocal exchange relationships between people and research, both within Laurier and with the wider world.  It is intended to bring together faculty, students, community and policy makers to find solutions to problems and pursue research questions.

The goal of the knowledge mobilization unit is to maximize impact of Laurier research through:

  • Increasing community engagement in research
  • Facilitating knowledge-based collaboration
  • Increasing awareness of Laurier research