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June 26, 2016

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Graduate Researchers of Laurier

RedLeaf_2.jpgGraduate Researchers at Laurier

The Researchers of Laurier initiative was created by the Graduate Studentsí Association (GSA) to showcase the important and innovative graduate student research happening all across our campuses. This new†and exciting program is designed to celebrate selected individuals and their research to the Laurier and greater community.

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to nominate exceptional graduate student researchers to be recognized by the GSA. †Researchers of Laurier is a collaboration between the GSA and Laurier departments and focuses on graduate students being honoured by their colleagues and community. The GSA will showcase three winners once a semester beginning Fall 2014. †All of the successful Researchers of Laurier will be eligible for an award at the conclusion of the year.

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Please download the application form here and send your nomination to

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Fall 2015 Winners†

Researcher of the Year 2014-15


Eden Hennessey

Eden Hennessey is completing her PhD in Social Psychology with Dr. Mindi Foster. Her†research focuses on how women respond to sexism in STEM (i.e., science, technology,†engineering and math). Gender disparities in STEM continue; for instance, Edenís recent†research shows that female STEM students at WLU experience stereotyping and are†called weirdoes and witches. One way to reduce sexism is to confront it; however,†confrontation may have negative implications (e.g., social/professional costs like†exclusion or harassment). Research, however, has not yet examined the social costs of†confronting sexism in STEM.

As such, Edenís dissertation assesses whether female†confronters of sexism in STEM perceive and incur greater social costs than other women.†Further, her research explores how same-sex virtual mentors and a strong science-identity†impact the perceived consequences of confronting sexism in STEM. Edenís passion for†research extends to her position as Student Research Coordinator of the Laurier Centre†for Women in Science (WinS) and her work has been recognized by the Society for Social†and Personality Psychology (SPSP) and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social†Issues (SPSSI).†

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