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Wilfrid Laurier University Information and Communication Technologies
October 6, 2015

Canadian Excellence


PRISMRESOURCES provides information technology and training services to the students of the School of Business and Economics. PRISMRESOURCES is focused on meeting the unique needs of SBE students by giving them the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills which are of value to them, and to employers. PRISM recognizes the challenges faced by Business and Economics students, and thus provides technologies that support and enhance their work.

PRISMRESOURCES's new direction meets the needs of SBE students and is based on the following four strategic pillars:

  • Functionality PRISMRESOURCES must meet the functional needs of students as completely as possible
  • Collaboration Group work is at the core of SBE studies; PRISMRESOURCES must facilitate collaboration
  • Accessibility PRISMRESOURCES services must be as widely available (place and time) as possible
  • Skills Enhancement PRISMRESOURCES must improve students' use and understanding of technology

For more information regarding PRISMRESOURCES and our services please check our website at