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April 30, 2016

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General Information Links

The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA) website is an excellent source for all things maple syrup in Ontario. It maintains extensive information about OMSPA itself but also various interesting pages regarding the history, production and retailing of quality maple syrup. Some fun links are also included such as maple recipes and educational resources.

This website displays a wide range of interesting maple syrup facts. The side links also provide information about nutrition, uses and tapping methods.

This page, from Agriculture, Agri-Foods Canada offers information about Canada's Maple Syrup Industry in terms of marketing, producers, and inspection. It also contains market statistics and other valuable facts.

This site, from the University of Vermont, provides information about the Proctor Maple Syrup Research Center. This includes many links such as research mission, publications, and maple facts.

The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture website has many documents regarding maple syrup production in Quebec and the rest of Canada. These articles cover a variety of subtopics from tree diseases to production efforts.

The Cornell Sugar Maple Research and Extension Project has created this web page that offers in depth information regarding maple tree health and potential diseases.

Fulton's Pancake and sugar bush has created this site for potential visitors to check out before a visit. It contains general information about their maple syrup production and what opportunities a visit would entail.

This website, created by The North American Maple Syrup Council has information about the council itself along with other interesting pages to look at including the Maple Syrup Digest, their official publication.

Educational Resources

This website is a great resource for teachers as it provides information about maple syrup production and uses. There is also a short video called, "The Voyage of a maple syrup drop" that is targeted towards primary and junior level students.

This link is a power point presentation that can be used for older students of the junior/intermediate level. It provides detailed information about the maple syrup production process, history, as well as the equipment that is used.

Recipe Websites

Under the following two links there are several creative maple syrup recipes to try!