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June 30, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Laurier Brantford Grants Program

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Laurier Brantford has the opportunity to encourage the development of innovative and engaging projects that benefit our students, faculty and staff. The Laurier Brantford Grants Program is another resource for our campus community. An outline of the process from application to project completion can be found here.

Grant Program Details

These grants are funded as follows:
•    Donations made to the general Laurier Brantford donations fund (unrestricted funds), and
•    Accrued interest from the endowment established from unspent general donations

Disbursement is guided by the Senior Executive Officer (SEO). Normally, any one grant awarded will not represent more than 20% of the approved funds available. This percentage may be adjusted by the SEO on an annual or one-time basis. A minimum balance, as determined by the SEO, must be maintained in the fund.

Application Process

The application process will be governed by the following timelines:

  • All applicants will apply using the Laurier Brantford Grants Application

  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from May 1 until the last day in February of each fiscal year

  • For applications received between March 1 – April 30, the granting body reserves the right to defer consideration and/or approval to the following fiscal year

Please note: A business plan must accompany any application requesting $2,000 or more. 

Criteria for Evaluation

Awarding of unrestricted funds will be at the discretion of the SEO or designate. Each year, priorities will be established and communicated.  Through the application, applicants must identify how their application aligns with at least one of the priorities listed, as well as identify outcomes to be achieved. Successful applications will be for Brantford projects which benefit the local community.

Initiatives should align with at least one of the following:

  •    The Laurier Brantford Strategic Plan
  •    Support of the Laurier Brantford community

Disbursement Process

Once notified that an application has been approved, applicants should work towards project completion based on the guidelines as provided in the approval notice, including the expiration date of the funding. All costs must be incurred during the same fiscal year and charged to the relevant departmental budget.

Upon completion of the project, the Project Leader is responsible for submitting an Accountability Report (available on the Office of the Senior Executive’s Web page), including relevant receipts/invoices. These documents are due four weeks after completion of the project OR March 15, whichever is earlier.

A transfer of funds will be arranged to cover the amount awarded OR the amount spent on the approved project, whichever is less.

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