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April 24, 2014
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Fees and Financial Aid

The Board of Governors of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary reviews the Seminary's income and expenses annually and sets charges for fees accordingly.


•     Students are cautioned that the fees and regulations governing registration and other costs of all graduate students are subject to change without notice.  The Board of Governors of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary reserves the right to make changes in fee schedules without prior notice.
•     All fees and charges must be paid in order to qualify for graduation.
•     Courses taken through adjunct faculty may vary in price depending on the student's specific course registration.

•  Minimum Degree Fee
•  Payment of Fees
•  Cancellation/Drop/Withdrawal

Tuition Fees

Please see the following chart and select the appropriate fee schedule based on your program.

Program Tuition Fees

Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Divinity (MDiv)
Master of Theological Studies(MTS)
Diploma in Multifaith Spiritual Care (DipMSCC)General Graduate Studies(GGS)

MA MDiv MTS Dip GGS Fees 2013-2014

MA MDiv MTS Dip GGS Fees 2012-2013

Master of Theology (MTh)

MTh Fees 2013-2014

MTh Fees 2012-2013

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

DMin Fees 2013-2014

DMin Fees 2012-2013

Miscellaneous Fees

Click here for Miscellaneous Fees
Incidental and miscellaneous fees are not refundable after the final date to add courses each term.

Students dropping courses or withdrawing from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary are required to inform the Office of the Registrar by dropping the course in their student account on the LORIS system.  Non-payment of fees does not constitute a withdrawal.  The effective dates for course drops or withdrawals from the seminary will be the date such action is taken in LORIS.  The portion of refund is determined by this date.  There are no refunds for courses which are taken under the audit-course classification.

Payment of Fees

Fees are charged on a per term basis and are due before the start of each term. For the current due dates from the  Laurier Business Office see their website:

Fee Due Dates - Laurier Business Office.  Registration and Drop Dates are found here

Tuition fees are assessed for registered students based on actual course registration.  Fees are due regardless of whether a statement has been received.  Full account information, updated regularly, is available online by following directions on the Laurier Online Registration Information System (LORIS) at

Payment can be made online or, through telephone banking (student ID# is the account #) and at most financial institutions in Canada with the Laurier remittance form.  Payment can also be made by cheque (certified or non-certified), money order or direct debit at the Business Office of Wilfrid Laurier University.  Post-dated cheques are not acceptable.  Fees for courses added after the due date each term are due immediately.

Minimum Degree Fee

In certain cases, students will enter a program with course credit transfer.  In order to qualify for a degree from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, students must satisfactorily complete all course requirements including a minimum of one full-year (or its equivalent) of courses through WLS.  Where students are registering only for the minimum year of required coursework, they must also pay a "Minimum Degree Fee" covering one full year of studies or its equivalent.  (Doctoral program is noted exception.)  The Minimum Degree Fee is exclusive of any clinical/course fees remitted by WLS on the student's behalf to SPE centres.  Contact the Seminary Office for information concerning particular programs.

Financial Aid

These pages provide an introduction to the various sources of student funding from Wilfrid Laurier University and other granting sources. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that adequate financial resources are available.  More information is available in the Student Handbook.

Government Loans Program


For information on applying for and collecting OSAP, please see:

Internal Bursaries

Seminary Full-time Bursaries

All domestic Seminary students taking three or more courses per term, and all Doctor of Ministry students, are considered full-time students and therefore receive a bursary of $560 per term ($140 for Senior students) during the 2013-2014 academic year.  Eligible domestic students do not need to apply for a bursary, however they must register for courses by the posted course add deadline as bursaries are applied to accounts shortly thereafter.

Full-time international students may be eligible for bursaries.  Bursaries may be requested by submitting a Petition form to the Academic Administrative Committee via the Student Advisor. These petitions should be submitted by the early registration deadline each term.

Seminary Annual Bursaries

Full-time students may apply to the Seminary for annual bursaries on the basis of need.  Bursary forms are found on the Seminary website under Student Forms and Resources.  Students are required to provide information on income as well as anticipated expenses for the September-April school year.  Bursaries are not available for Spring Term (May-August).  The deadline for this bursary is September 20th. To apply for this bursary, please complete the following:

The Seminary Scholarships and Bursaries Committee normally meets mid-October to review all applications received and to distribute the Seminary’s limited pool of bursary funds according to the needs of the group as a whole and the total funds available.  Successful students will be notified in December and funds distributed in December or January. The maximum bursary per student per year is $1,500.00 although occasionally in special circumstances this may be increased.  The size of bursaries will be determined by financial need as well as the total amount of money available for bursaries.  Both International and domestic students are eligible for the Annual Bursaries.

Emergency Bursaries

Full-time students who find themselves in an unexpected short-term financial crisis may apply to the Seminary for an Emergency Bursary.  Such bursaries will be granted on the basis of demonstrated need and the availability of funds.  In such circumstances the student should contact the Principal-Dean of the Seminary.  Bursaries are not available for Spring Term (May-August).

External Bursaries

Seminary students are not eligible for Laurier-funded scholarship competitions; however, there are two annual external graduate scholarships for Seminary students in eligible programs: The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Scholarship (SSHRC). Students apply in fall to hold the awards the following academic year, therefore, the award may be applied for before starting a program of study at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.


1. Review the application details to ensure eligibility.
2. Review the applicable granting council website for details on application procedures. 
3. Ensure you are submitting your application to the appropriate institution based on your registration status.
4. Read the instructions and follow the formatting guidelines required for each application.
5. You cannot hold an OGS and a SSHRC scholarship in the same academic year. Students may apply to both; if awarded both, must decline one.
6. Applications must be submitted to the Seminary Office by 4:00 pm on the deadline.
7. Further questions about external graduate scholarships may be directed to Rosemary Springett in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at WLU ext. 3078.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) – Master’s and Doctoral

Value:  $15,000 per annum ($5,000 per term, funded in part by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities)
Eligible Seminary Programs: Most Post-Graduate Programs

Information for 2013 application:
• Details:
• Application: (log in through OSAP website)
• Application is completed online; original paper copy submitted to department
• Notes for the application: The Division is Humanities; the Discipline is Religion and the Discipline Code is 109

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Scholarship (SSHRC)

Value:  $17,500 for 12 months
Eligible Seminary Programs: Master's Programs

Information for 2013 application:

Cancellation/Drop/Withdrawal Schedule of Tuition Fee Charges

Cancellation:  Cancelling registration before the specific academic term begins.
Drop:  Withdrawing from a course(s) but remaining in other(s) for a specific academic term.
Withdraw:  Withdrawing from all courses after classes have begun for a specific academic term.

Note: students must complete the Request to Withdraw Form when cancelling registration or withdrawing from all courses in a term.  Students who fail to register or remain registered without being granted an approved leave shall be deemed to have terminated their candidacy in the program and will be required to reapply. Fee charges for cancellation of registration, dropping a course(s), or withdrawing from all courses will be charged based on the date that the Office of the Registrar is notified, in writing, of the cancellation/drop(s)/withdrawal.

 Time Period
 Fee Charge for Dropping Course(s) but Remaining Registered in Other Courses  Fee Charge for Withdrawal from All Courses
 Before term begins  No charge  Cancellation Fee
 Up to end of first week of the term  No charge  10% per course @ course rate
 Up to end of second week of the term  10% per course @ course rate  10% per course @ course rate
 After the last day for registration but on or before the last date to drop or withdraw without failure  55% per course @ course rate  55% per course @ course rate
 After the last date to drop or withdraw without failure  100% of term fees  100% of term fees

For specific dates of these charges, see the following link from the Laurier Business Office.

Registration, Withdrawal & Drop Dates - Laurier Business Office