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February 11, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Open Classroom Series


How often do you get a chance to sit in on a class of an academic colleague or strike up a conversation with a peer about teaching and learning?In this spirit of fostering peer to peer connections and reflection upon teaching and learning, we bring you the Open Classroom series.

This series provides an opportunity for Laurier's teaching and learning community to experience being a student again from the perspective an experienced educator.

For winter 2016, we will arrange with several faculty from various campuses and academic disciplines to open up their classrooms for others to attend. No need to register in advance. Just show up. As a courtesy, we ask that you email the course instructor. This early connection may just be the touch point needed to strike a follow-up conversation.

If you are interested in opening up one or more of your classes for the Winter 2016 term, we invite you to fill out a brief expression of interest.