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October 10, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Faculty Programming


For more information about our educational development†faculty programs, click on the titles below to learn more:

Annual Teaching Day

Offered annually at the Brantford and Waterloo campuses, the day-long event provides an opportunity for the Laurier community to come together and network, share best practices, showcase teaching innovations, examine instructional challenges, and explore new developments in teaching and learning.

Communities of Practice

Laurier CoPs provide a forum for educators from multiple disciplines and academic support units to connect throughout the term about teaching and learning issues and topics of personal and shared interest. †

Course (Re)Design

The four-day institute and one-day workshop offer a hands-on introduction to course design. Both programs facilitate application of a set of course design tools that are practical and conceptual in form, promote a learner/ing-focused approach to course design and teaching, and provide a forum to network and share ideas, challenges, and strategies about teaching, learning and design. The four-day institute offers a more intensive experience and addresses a greater variety of topics than the one-day offering.

Four Day Course (Re)Design Institute
One Day Course (Re)Design Workshop

Foundations for Faculty: The LIFE Summer Institute

Directed at new and recently new faculty, this 3-day program includes short information presentations, hands-on applied sessions, informative panels, as well as networking and mentoring opportunities designed to orient faculty to Laurier and its teaching, learning, and research resources, services, and supports.†

Open Classroom Series

Offered every winter, this series provides an opportunity for members of the Laurier community to observe and experience the varied instructional settings and teaching and learning practices of faculty colleagues across Laurierís multiple campuses.

Innovators of Teaching and Learning at Laurier

Find out what your Laurier colleagues are doing inside and outside the classroom.†