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April 29, 2016

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Expense Forms

When at all possible, campus-related purchases should be made using a P-Card, Web Requisition, or through an invoice to limit faculty and staff from having to pay out-of-pocket. However, if faculty, staff or student groups do require reimbursement for expenses, the following forms should be completed as relevant:

1) Meeting & Hospitality Expense and Invoice Attachment

This is a dual purpose form used for:

1. Invoice Payments - This form needs to be attached to all meeting and/or hospitality related invoices. Such invoices will no longer be processed unless this form is completed and attached.

2. Out of pocket expense reimbursement - Use this form to request reimbursement for meeting and hospitality related expenses.

This form replaces both the meeting expense form and the hospitality expense form. This is often used for working lunches, such as during the faculty recruitment process and used for reimbursement of food, beverages, social and recreational activities for the purpose of entertaining university guests, prospective employees, students, benefactors or stakeholders.

Hospitality events should be for the development of relationships or partnerships that will advance the University's mission and must involve individuals external to the university. Original receipts are required.
Not to be used for expenses charged to a P-Card. For P-Card expenses use P-Card T & E (Travel and Enterainment) Travel & Meeting Expense Report.

Click here for the Meeting & Hospitality Expense & Invoice Attachment Form

2) Travel Advance Request
Used to request a travel advance to avoid paying travel expenses out-of-pocket. Must later be reconciled using a travel expense form, and no further advances will be provided until this is complete. Receipts do not need to be submitted with the advance request.

Click here for the Travel Advance Request Form.

3) Travel Expense Claim
Used for reimbursement for travel expenses not charged to a P-Card. If air travel is involved, a boarding pass must be included. Complete page 2 first. Information will then automatically populate on page 1. This is also the form used to reconcile your travel advance request. Include any travel advance amount received where indicated on page 1 of the travel expense form ('less advance' field). Original receipts are required. Not to be used for expenses charged to a P-Card. For P-Card expenses use P-CardT & E (Travel & Enterainment)Travel& MeetingExpense Report.

Click here for the Travel Expense Claim Form.

4) Cheque Requisition
Used for reimbursement other than travel and meeting expenses. Not for purchases made using a WLU P-Card. Must include original receipts with the business name and business address. Reimbursement is made through direct deposit, or by cheque for vendors that have not provided direct deposit information. If a cheque is needed on the day of delivery, include a memo/letter including amount (CAD$/US$) and purpose.

Click here for the Cheque Requisition Form.

Once complete, all forms should be sent with original supporting documentation to Accounts Payable

Expense Reimbursement Regulations & Guidelines Handbook

The Expense Reimbursement Regulations & Guidelines Handbook is intended to assist University staff, and approving authorities, in preparation of expense claims and the provision of general guidelines for expense reimbursement related matters.

Click here to view the Handbook.