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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
April 17, 2014
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Campus Safety and Support Team

Wilfrid Laurier University - Brantford Campus


The Campus Safety and Support Team (CSST) exists to support a campus of open communication so that staff, faculty, students and visitors to our campus can work, learn, play and live in a safe, caring and respectful environment. 

Team Composition

David Prang, Director of Student Services, is the key contact person for the CSST. James Yuhasz, Special Constables Supervisor, is the co-Chair of the Team. In Brantford, our team consists of three layers:

  • A core group of representatives from the following departments: Counselling Services, Health Services, the Dean's Office, the Registrar's Office, Student Affairs, Residence Life, Special Constable Service, and Campus Operations. This group meets monthly, or as needed in urgent matters, to review process and files of concern in a confidential setting.
  • A secondary level comprised of additional staff resources and senior administration. This group would meet on an as-needed basis.
  • A tertiary level with invited community partners. This group meets annually to review community resources and integration and partnership opportunities to support the Laurier Brantford community.


The Student Crisis Response Procedures Brantford handout has been created with the assistance of the Waterloo team to provide the Laurier Brantford community with assistance in identifying emergency versus serious situations, as well as the appropriate referrals for distinct situations.

When should you contact the CSST?
  • If you receive or observe threatening behaviour (email, verbal, written, writing, etc...) 
  • If you observe or are the target of violence
  • If you feel uncertain about an individual's behaviour on campus at any time
  • If you are unsure, it is best to report your concern.

How to contact the CSST

  1. Online reporting form

  2. Contact one of the members of the CSST

  3. By email -