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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
July 24, 2016

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Since 2006, the Laurier Brantford Special Constable Service has introduced a number of measures to ensure the safety of all members of the Laurier Brantford community, and downtown Brantford.

Emergency Contact Methods
The Special Constable Service has recently introduced an Emergency Pole in the RAC courtyard as well as emergency buttons in the Student Centre, Grand River Hall and both Nipissing Buildings. All methods of emergency contact will alert dispatch of the location and campus where the button was pressed. The Emergency Pole is unique in its ability to allow the user to speak to a dispatch officer.

Security Advisory Council: The advisory council is comprised of students, staff, faculty and members of the Brantford Police Service. The council provides a forum for members to discuss any security issues and assist in the implementation of initiatives to address any concerns.

Safe Place Program: Laurier Brantford Safe Place Program is in effect in the downtown area. The Safe Place Program is designed after the Block Parent Program. Seventeen businesses in the downtown core will place a safe place sign in their storefront and members of the Laurier Community are be able to access these businesses in emergency situations. Participating businesses have emergency contact information for the Safety and Security Department and will contact the required authorities. Click here for a map of the Safe Place locations in downtown Brantford.

Communications: to members of the community on security issues through an updated website, weekly notices in the student newsletter and notices in the school newspaper have been effective in keeping the students, staff and faculty appraised of incidents on campus. Various new initiatives have been implemented and communicated to enhance the security of the campus.

Orientation and Residence Life information and training sessions: Special Constables provide information sessions to new students during Orientation Week activities and assist with the training of Residence Life Dons.

Residence Life programs: In September 2008, Special Constables will be assigned to all residence buildings and will attend regular meetings to improve communication and build partnerships with the students.

Surveillance Camera System: Seventeen security cameras have been installed throughout the campus to assist with the investigation of incidents and to provide a deterrence of criminal activity, with plans for up to seven additional cameras to be added over the next few months.

Bike Patrols: In the spring, Special Constables will begin bike patrols of the campus. Having access to bike patrols will increase visibility of our officers, increase safety for officers, students, staff and visitors and will be an effective tool in ensuring a safe community.

Lighting: Old lighting in the Student Centre parking lot was replaced with white metal halide lighting. Two light poles were replaced with 400-watt metal halide lights and lights affixed to building exteriors were also changed to metal halide lights increasing nighttime visibility. A new 400-watt metal halide wall pack will be installed on the rear entrance of Rizzo residence and to the exterior of the Student Centre to increase visibility.

Brantford Police: A strong working partnership with Brantford Police Service is in place. The downtown BEAT Unit of the Brantford Police continues to work out of the Laurier Special Constable Office located in the Odeon building. BEAT Officers are familiar with the campus and have updated building plans to effectively deal with an emergency situation. New initiatives are being investigated to enhance our working partnership with the Brantford Police Service.