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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
April 18, 2014
Canadian Excellence

How can employees and their family members be assured of complete confidentiality?

An EAP is only effective when employees know and trust that what they share with a counsellor will be held in confidence by that counsellor. Counsellors work with a strict code of professional ethics. Mosaic Counselling & Family Services has the necessary safeguards in place to protect client confidentiality and privacy. Records and other information pertaining to the identity and treatment of any client are confidential. The only information reported to WLU is a summary of the number of people who have used the services and a summary of the kinds of problems. No personal information about a client is released without obtaining the client’s informed consent, except as required by law ( eg suspected cases of child abuse), or where there are concerns for the life of the client. Identifying telephone messages are never left at home or at work

If I decide to use the EAP, will my Manager/Supervisor or Co-workers know about it?

Absolutely NOT! The only way anyone will know is if YOU tell them. EAP Counsellors will only deal with YOU.

Will the EAP service minor dependents without parental knowledge?

Unless required to notify the parents of minors by law, the confidentiality of minors will be maintained. In most instances, the successful resolution of a minor's problem depends on active support from the parent. Therefore, the EAP counsellor will encourage the minor to involve the parent(s) or guardian(s). A parental consent form must be signed for all children under the age of 16.