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May 24, 2016
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The following FAQs provide information about the most commonly asked parking questions. For additional information, please contact Service Laurier.

1. How do students apply for parking?

Student parking applications are completed online. Applications are available on the Laurier Brantford Parking Services Page beginning the first Monday in June. All applications submitted before the deadline will be entered into the student parking permit lottery.

2. When is the application due?

All application dates and deadlines can be found here.
3. When do I pick up my parking pass?

Students who are successful in the parking permit lottery must pick up their permit from Service Laurier Brantford (GRH 202) within the first two weeks of September.  All important dates can be found here.

4. What is the cost of the different parking options?

Currently there several parking options for students.  For a full price listing, please click here.

Prices are reviewed each year and subject to board approval.

5. Where are the parking lots that students can park in?

Currently, students who purchase a Laurier Brantford parking permit may park in the following lots: Lucy Marco Place, Dalhousie Centre, Nipissing University Wellington Street lot, the City of Brantford parkade and the Expositor Place depending on the type of permit purchased. For a complete listing of which permits apply to which lot, please click here.

6. What can I do if I am unsuccessful in the student lottery?

Students who are unsuccessful in the student permit lottery are eligible to purchase any remaining permits on a first come, first serve basis beginning the third Monday of September. Additionally, all students may purchase a City of Brantford Parkade pass from Service Laurier Brantford.

7. What can I do if my swipe card/FOB isn't working?

If your parkade swipe card or Expositor Place FOB is not working please bring it to Service Laurier Brantford (GRH 202) to be fixed or replaced.

8. Where can my visitors/guests park?

Laurier Brantford day passes are available for purchase from Service Laurier Brantford (GRH 202). Additionally, all guests to Laurier Brantford can utilize any of the City of Brantford parking lots, including the municipal parkade.

9. Why can't I park on the street for longer?

Street parking in Brantford is controlled and monitored by the City of Brantford. Laurier Brantford has no jurisdiction over city parking regulations regarding time limits, rates, availability, or ticketing. Free, time limited parking is available in the downtown core for drivers who need short-term parking for appointments, meetings, visiting local businesses, and other short-term needs. There is a No Re-park by-law prohibiting moving a vehicle to another on-street location in the downtown. If you require parking in the downtown core for longer than the allotted time on the street then alternative parking options should be utilized (any of the city's metered lots or the municipal parkade). The City of Brantford is one of very few cities in Southern Ontario that still allow free street parking for any period of time. Most downtown cores have metered parking with maximum time limits strictly enforced.

10. What supports are available if I park in municipal lots?

Both Laurier Brantford’s Foot Patrol team and the Special Constable Service are available to walk you to and from your car in the municipal parkade and downtown lots, in addition to the service provided for campus lots. Additionally, there is 24-hour a day security personnel working in the municipal parkade that will walk you from the perimeter of the parkade to your vehicle. The City of Brantford is working to improve lighting and security precautions in the municipal lots to ensure the safety of all drivers and cars in the parkade.

11. How do the parking rates compare to other universities?

Wilfrid Laurier University provides some of the most affordable parking of any university in Southern Ontario. Our rates are competitive and are well below market price in Southern Ontario.

12. What can I do if I cannot find a parking space?

There are enough parking spaces on campus to accommodate the number of parking permits sold by Laurier Brantford on a day-to-day basis. Buying a University parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space in any particular lot. If you are having difficulty finding a parking spaces please be sure that you check all applicable Laurier Brantford lots. To view the Laurier Brantford parking lot locations map please click here

13. What if I have misplaced or lost my parking permit?

Any vehicles without valid parking permits in Laurier lots will be ticketed.
If you have misplaced your pass it is very important that you obtain a replacement as soon as possible to avoid receiving a parking fine.  The cost to replace a permit is $35.00 payable by cash, debit, or cheque.