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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
April 20, 2014
Canadian Excellence


All students, staff and faculty are eligible to apply for carpool parking permits. A carpool parking permit ensures you a reserved parking spot in a central campus parking lot. The cost of a carpool parking permit is $135 per person in the carpool group (minimum of 2 people) for the 8 month school term or $202.44 each for a full year.

To apply for a carpool parking permit, please click here.

Laurier also participates in an online ride-matching service, Travelwise, making it simple to find a carpool for regular commuting, or one-off trips. Each TravelWise member organization has its own Carpool Zone site where employees can create a carpool profile. Searching for a match is quick and easy; visit Travelwise to begin your search.