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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
July 26, 2016

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Program Requirements

The MSc in Mathematics for Science and Finance program is designed to be completed in one year (three terms) by well-prepared students. All students must complete MA680, the Seminar in Mathematical Modelling in Finance and Science.

During their first term, most students concentrate on coursework. Those who do not have supervisors for their thesis/project before they enter the program are encouraged to approach faculty members during this term to discuss possible topics and supervision. In addition to taking courses in their second term, students begin to work on their thesis/project that is then continued until completion of their program. Upon completion of their thesis/project, students must arrange with their advisory committee for its defense and then finally for their graduation.

Program Structure

Students choose one of two program options: either three courses and a thesis; or five courses and a project. The thesis or project is completed in one of the following areas where faculty members have active research program: financial mathematics, mathematical modelling, mathematical biology, graph theory, optimization, mathematical physics, statistics, game theory, algebra, or dynamical systems.

Option Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
Thesis Seminar
2 courses
1 course

Project Seminar
2 courses
Major Project
3 courses
Major Project

Requirements for the Major Project

Requirements for submitting a Master's Thesis

Each year, the specific course offerings are determined by the Chair and Graduate Coordinator. The minimum grade for holding credit in any course or seminar is a B-.