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October 9, 2015

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Jun 23/15 SBE mourns the passing of retired professor Bob Stolar Headline
Jun 10/15 Twitter was brought into reality for the FIFA Women's World Cup by SBE grad John Beresford and his startup Eventpeeks Headline
Jun 10/15 CLASS CANCELLATION - BU492 J @ 2:30 pm Headline
Jun 9/15 SBE grad Ray Tanguay to be the special adviser on the auto sector to the Ontario and Canadian Governments Headline
May 29/15 Hippolyte Mugisha overcomes many hardships to graduate from Laurier with top honours Headline
May 21/15 Don't let standardized tests be a casualty of Ontario's negotiations with teachers Headline
May 20/15 Laurier mourns the passing of Peter Sinclair Headline
May 14/15 Alan Quarry joins the Accelerator Centre Headline
May 14/15 There is attention on Dr. Bradley Ruffle`s study on attractive photos and CVs Headline
May 14/15 Alumnus David Franklin has been appointed to the Standard Tolling advisory board Headline
May 14/15 Laurier SBE alumnus Peter Voss was named Professional of the Year by Worldwide Branding Headline
May 12/15 Alumni Corry Flatt and Andrew Wilgar have an enterprise that is taking off Headline
May 12/15 Master of Arts in Business Economics Grad Beata Caranci is the new TD Chief Economist Headline
Apr 30/15 Laurier MBA students win Aspen Institute case competition Headline
Apr 30/15 Laurier Launchpad startup Local Line one of six Canadian companies attending international business competition Headline
Apr 24/15 David Johnson and Kirill Savine findings suggest teachers make more than he middle class Headline
Apr 24/15 Laurier hosted symposium on marketing and consumer behaviour Headline
Apr 23/15 Mike Lazaridis and Ontario government contribute $35m to create world-class management institute at Laurier Headline
Apr 14/15 Laurier SBE research shows that Canadian CFO's see a bright future Headline
Apr 13/15 Laurier researcher Tammy Schirle develops fair wage calculator to address gender pay gap Headline
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