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May 29, 2016

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Hind A. Al-Abadleh

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Apr 15/16 Laurier researchers receive funding to reduce harm to the environment News
Apr 15/16 Laurier professor Hind Al-Abadleh recognized with prestigious award for excellence in field of chemistry News
Apr 14/16 Dr. Al-Abadleh received the MAX Platinum Award of Excellence News
Mar 6/16 Photo album from Environment Presentation to Maingate Islamic Academy in Mississauga News
Feb 26/16 Al-Abadleh is a finalist for a Muslim Community Award of Excellence..25% of score is by public vote News
Feb 23/16 Al-Abadleh received Imperial Oil University Research Award Headline
Feb 20/16 It was great presenting to grade 11 students at Southwood Secondary School in Cambridge, ON News
Feb 4/16 Photo album from Abrahamic Faiths Forum - Eve and Creation News
Jan 28/16 Waterloo Lutheran Seminary to host "Abrahamic Faiths Forum: Eve and Creation" News
Jan 13/16 Teaching award celebration to honour Laurierís outstanding educators News
Jan 11/16 Welcoming new members to Al-Abadleh's group Headline
Dec 23/15 In the spirit of the holidays from C&EN News
Dec 9/15 Al-Abadleh quoted in a research article by FactsCan on carbon emissions News
Dec 7/15 C&EN Editorial on COP21 from Paris News
Dec 2/15 Following COP21 by C&EN News News
Dec 1/15 Laurier experts on climate change leading up to UN conference News
Nov 16/15 Thanks for the congratulations in the Teaching & Learning Fall 2015 Newsletter News
Nov 12/15 A timely special issue in Science: Oceans and Climate Change News
Oct 19/15 For the chemically-inclined: the chemistry of pumpkins News
Sep 23/15 Cool article in C&EN: Hybrid Device Harnesses Light And Heat From The Sun News
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