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May 25, 2016

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Calculating Public Holiday Pay for Student and Temporary Employees

Apr 30/08

Under the Employment Standards Act,Employers are required topaystudent andtemporaryemployees for statutory or public holidays.

The2013 public/statutory holidays are:

January 1

February 18

March 29

May 20

July 1

August 5

September 2

October 14

December 25

December 26

The Employment Standards Act provides the rules to follow when calculating public holiday pay. A fact sheet explaining the rules is available on the Employment Standards website:

Students submitting worked hours through LORIS will be paid holiday pay by Payroll* - no manual calculation is required. *(if eligible)

Here's how to calculate thenumber of hoursof public holiday pay a qualified employee is entitled to:

  • add all of thehours the employeeworked in the four work weeks ending just before the work week with the public holiday
  • divide this sum by 20.

Even if the employee is not normally scheduled to work on the day which the public holiday falls, they are still entitled to holiday pay.

If the employee has earned a substitute holiday with public holiday pay, this calculation is done for the four work weeks before the work week in which the substitute day falls.

Please keep in mind when calculating public holiday pay that the number of hours worked includes time worked in other positions anddepartments at the University.

Employees who qualify are entitled to take public holidays off work and be paid public holiday pay. Or they can agree in writing to work on the holiday, and will be paid either:

  • public holiday pay plus a premium rate of pay for the hours worked on the public holiday
  • their regular rate for hours worked on the holiday, plus they will receive a substitute holiday with public holiday pay.

Please ensure that you record the number of hours for statutory holiday pay when submitting the student and temporarypay sheets.

If you delegate the student payroll, please ensure that this information is provided to your delegate.

If you have any questions, please contact

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