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April 20, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Rosemary McGowan
Dr. Rosemary McGowan


Recruitment & Admissions Office - Brantford Campus

Learning about leadership, business and time management!

May 21/08

There are many things about the Leadership program here at Laurier Brantford that I did not know before. While I knew programs like this one are not very common, I did not find out until talking to Dr. Rosemary McGowan, program co-ordinator, that Laurier Brantford’s leadership program is in fact the only undergraduate leadership program in Canada. 

“While there are Master’s level programs in Leadership in Canada and some universities offer Leadership courses as part of other existing programs, [ours] is the only undergraduate program specifically targeting leadership,” said Dr. McGowan.

I must admit my lack of knowledge about this program does not end there.  Dr. McGowan took the time to answer all of my questions, and then some!

Aside from offering leadership students with, “the opportunity to study leadership issues in both traditional, business-type organizations as well as in the not-for-profit and co-operative sectors,” the program also has a number of options for students to concentrate their area of study within the program.  These options include Human Resources Management, Administration, and, beginning this fall, International Development.

“We want students to develop key leadership skills including working with and leading teams, developing strategy and vision, understanding organizational and environmental challenges and opportunities, building credibility, project planning and ethics,” said McGowan, who is a firm believer in community involvement as a healthy part of a complete education.

“Get involved!” she said, adding that, “Great friendships have developed from getting involved with campus life.”

While it’s a great idea to get involved in as much as you can, McGowan also reminds everyone that time management is key. 

“As senior students have said to me, time management is one of the biggest challenges and skills that they have learned.” I can vouch for that!

McGowan suggests, “Take advantage of the resources offered on campus. There are terrific workshops on study skills, essay writing, time management, etc.; these workshops will help you…and they’re free!”

She also advises students not to hesitate in seeking extra help from professors, saying, “We’re a small campus and professors want to see you do well!”

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