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November 25, 2015

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WLS Announces New Undergraduate Program in Global Citizenship

Nov 4/11

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary is pleased to announce a new Bachelor of Arts program in Christian Studies and Global Citizenship beginning in the fall term 2012.

"Our understanding of citizenship is national and at the same time going global" noted David Pfrimmer, Principal Dean. "People of faith understand what it means to be a diverse global human family with mutual responsibilities to each other and to God's Creation," continued Pfrimmer. "This program is meant to accompany students who wish to examine how their faith enables them to exercise global citizenship."

The purpose of this program is to engage in the critical study of the Christian faith as it relates to the world and its culture. The goal is to enable students to take a deeper view of the Christian faith, probing the assumptions and beliefs of their own religious convictions, in the context of a secular, multicultural and multireligious society such as Canada. In order to accomplish this goal, the program would involve students in deeper knowledge of the tradition and its important texts, appreciation of how the tradition is affected by other disciplines and faiths, understanding how a critical view of faith can be practiced in professional and vocational life, and development of a habit of an ongoing self-critical assessment of one's own belief system.

The program will be cross-disciplinary and integrative. Students will be encouraged to examine critically how their faith tradition understands, informs, challenges and changes in engagement with issues in culture, society and the world, notably in literature, human development, politics, ecology, economics, business and science. This program will have a significant service-learning component and provide opportunities for international exposure experiences. The program will also involve the use of on-line learning. The point of this program is to prepare students for leadership in education, social service, business, church, public life and civil society by developing knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to understand and address the complexity of issues in a global context where faith convictions play an important role in societies. Plans are to phase in this program beginning in the fall term 2012.

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