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May 28, 2016
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IPRM working group structure updated; mandate endorsed at Senate meeting

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Nov 29/12

A motion was passed at Laurier’s Senate meeting Nov. 26 that updates the composition of the Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) working committees.

All of the IPRM working committees – including the Planning Task Force, the Academic Priorities Team, the Administrative Priorities Team and the Resource Management Team – will now be comprised of 2/3 elected members and 1/3 appointed members.

The motion that “Senate endorse the mandate of the Integrated Planning and Resource Management task force ("the Planning Task Force")” was also approved, with the addition of a “friendly amendment” stating: “that Senate acknowledges that implementation of approved recommendations of the Planning Task Force will be in accordance with the powers of Senate, the Board of Governors, and the President as enumerated in the WLU Act.”

The mandate will now go to Laurier’s Board of Governors for approval.

Laurier’s IPRM website will be updated as necessary to reflect these decisions made at Senate as soon as possible.

Nominations for the IPRM working teams close Friday, Nov. 30 at 4:30 p.m. To submit a nomination, please email Orna Duggan, Director, Institutional Research & Planning, at

Information about the IPRM working groups election process and December timeframe will be communicated early the week of Dec. 3.

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