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May 27, 2016

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Welcome to the Cultural Studies Program

Cultural Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of culture in multiple forms, from the workings of culture industries--those institutions that produce mass culture--to how people make sense of the culture around them. With a focus on mass culture goes an interest in popular culture. From popular music (KS210) to cartoons and comics (KS205), to monsters (KS340) and remix culture (KS400), Cultural Studies seeks to understand how cultural objects and processes matter in everyday life. Cultural Studies resides at the intersection of the Social Sciences, the Humanities, and the Arts, and it understands scholarship as having an integral role to play in global social justice. Cultural studies works to break down barriers that can sometimes divide academia from the communities it studies. The integration of Community Service Learning (KS300) into our courses is one way we integrate our concern for social justice into our curriculum.Cultural Studies at WLU is a dynamic program with a strong tradition of interdisciplinary teaching and research. Cultural Studies classrooms are exciting and innovative and you may well find yourself tackling unique assignments while drawing critical conclusions about things you experience and encounter everyday. If you are an engaged learner, Cultural Studies will certainly be a good fit for you. The program offers both a Minor and a Combined Honours Major in Cultural Studies. The Combined Major is taken in conjunction with another Honours BA program.

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Dr. Jeremy Hunsinger, 519.884.1970 x4988
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