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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
May 6, 2016
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Dr. Rosemary A. McGowan

Dr. Rosemary A. McGowan

Associate Professor, Business Technology Management and Leadership

Contact Information
Phone: 519.884.0710 ext.4393   |  lab Brantford Number: 519.756.8228 ext.5706
Fax: 519.884.0201
Office Location: P3032
Office Hours: By appointment
Academic Background
Dr. Rosemary A. McGowan is an Associate Professor in the Business Technology Management and Leadership Programs at Wilfrid Laurier University.  Dr. McGowan’s research explores organizational discourse and focuses on leadership and leadership development, women in leadership and management, perceptions of employment equity, work and family/eldercare challenges, careers of millenials in the public service sector, as well as managerial roles and identities. In addition, she has co-authored papers on the experiences of college transfer students attending university. She is a published case writer. Her teaching interests include leadership, organizational behaviour, project management, and organization theory.

Degrees and Certifications

PhD (Schulich School of Business, York University)
MBA (Graduate Gold Medal, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University)
MA (Psychology, University of Waterloo)
B.A. (Psychology, University of Toronto)                                                                                       Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM - Project Management Institute) 

Courses Taught

OL/CT 224 (Organizational Leadership)
OL310 (Organizational Strategy)
OL 312 (Human Issues in Organizations)
OL 320 (Leaders and Organizations: Contemporary Case Studies)
OL 480 (Project Management and Practicum)
BU398 (Organizational Behaviour II - Organization Theory)
BU488 (Leadership)                                                                                                                       BU628 (Leadership)                                                                                                                     BU694J (Introduction to Project Management)  

Additional Information

Research Publications, Conference Presentations, and Research-based Cases

2013 McLaren, P., McGowan, R.A., Gerhardt, K., Diallo, L., & Saeed, A. Business without the math: Competing discourses and the struggle to develop an undergraduate Leadership program. Journal of Leadership Education. Summer 2013.  

2013 McLaren, P., McGowan, R.A., & McCutcheon, J. Leadership development of management accountants in SMEs: Opportunities, challenges, and future directions. Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Conference. Calgary, Alberta.

2013 Henstra, D., & McGowan, R.A. Millennials and public service motivation: An analysis of work-related values, attitudes, and expectations of graduate students. Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration Annual Conference. Toronto, ON. 

2012 Ng, E., and McGowan, R.A. Work/life choices of women in senior leadership positions: Contrarian views from the top. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Conference. Toulousse, France. 

2010 McGowan, R.A. and Ng, E. Employment equity: Discourse analysis of employee perceptions of EE. Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division of the Administrative Sciences Association Annual Conference. Published in Conference Proceedings (May, 2010).

2009 McGowan, R.A. (2009). Managerial discourses of work and eldercare: (Re)producing, resisting and negotiating boundaries between private and public. Culture and Organization, 15(3), 307-329.

2009 McGowan, R.A. John Hamilton’s Work and Eldercare Dilemma: Break the Silence? Sustain the Silence? Invited for republication in: E. Raufflet & A.J. Mills (Eds.), The dark side: Critical cases on the dark side of business (pp. 24-35). Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing Limited.

2009 Bladowski, M. & McGowan, R.A. The international career opportunity: From dream to nightmare in eight weeks. Invited for republication in: E. Raufflet & A.J. Mills (Eds.), The dark side: Critical cases on the dark side of business (pp. 72-87). Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing Limited.

2006 McGowan, R.A., & Gawley, T. “The University side of the college transfer experience: Insights from University staff.” College Quarterly. Summer, 2006, 9(3).

2006 Gawley, T., & McGowan, R.A. “Learning the ropes: A case study of the academic and social experiences of college transfer students within a developing university-college articulation framework.” College Quarterly. Summer 2006, 9(3).